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Women with mask
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Man and woman wanna kiss eachother
Man and woman wanna kiss eachother
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Erotic fantasies

This is the place to be for the best erotic stories written entirely for and by women. All these stories are based on women’s fantasies. Reading these erotic fantasies of other women takes you completely into another world. The writers take you completely into their own fantasy. You will really feel for a moment that you are the main character in the story. For some more visual stimulation, you can always watch our porn videos.

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We all have it sometimes. That we dream away about one of our sexy fantasies. On this page you will find these fantasies of other women. This can be from roleplaying to sex in special places. These stories are written from start to finish, so you really feel like you’re right in the middle of the story. Reading the erotic fantasy stories is the ideal start to an evening full of delicious orgasms.