The World Through His Eyes – part 2
Erotic story

The World Through His Eyes – part 2

By Victoria, 04.02.2020

After experiencing an act of love with Claire, I was sure about one thing; I could trust her, and she deeply loved Will. It felt a bit as if I was making her cheat on Will with me. However, what mattered most at that moment was that I significantly calmed down and was able to start experiencing his view of the world without the previous dissonance. For now, my plan was very straightforward — I needed to pee. 

After our oral coitus, Claire needed to rush to get to work, leaving me alone in the apartment, providing me with some space to inspect and explore without restrains. First, I looked for the bathroom and found it immediately. It was well equipped for two people and even had a urinal, which delighted me.  I strolled towards it and got out my penis from beneath my underwear. The enjoyment from it was as I expected it to be and I got the hang of it immediately. I left the bathroom without a trace. 

Quickly I discovered that Will’s memories were still there, as if there were connected to the body or the brain. The more I walked around in the apartment, the more the brain got prompted with cues that caused memories to surface, occasionally triggering other related memories to surface along with them like chain reaction. When I opened the closet, the sight of various suits and blouses, reminded me of Will’s job as an account manager at a law firm. It made sense to me to get dressed and go there next.

The office of the law firm was a 20-minute metro ride away and I managed to find it quickly, as I knew the city I was in; I lived there myself in the waking world. Everything looked and felt the same exactly the same, I was just experiencing it from a different body. Occasionally, I forgot it was not my own body I was in. 

The unconscious mind took over regularly and guided me towards the building as if I went there every day. Names, places, and certain experiences kept surfacing and I started to get a better understand of who Will was; a young man, in a loving relationship, working hard at a law firm with a dream to buy land in a remote area of the planet. He had loads of friends and was known to be humorous and outgoing. Equally, I knew the exact account he was currently working on. It all made me wonder, where is the “real” Will now? 

“Good morning, Will.”

A woman in a suit came up to me.

“Let’s go to my office to go over today’s meeting. Shall we?” she said and walked into an office. 

I followed her, and as I did, I could recall the theme of the meeting; we were closing in on a big account that subsequently I would be managing. It was very convenient to have the information floating around somewhere and being able to access it. Yet, somehow I still wasn’t sure this wasn’t just a dream. I simply hadn’t come up with another realistic explanation. 

“Well, I think it is confident to say, we are closing this one, I just want to make sure were are on the same page,” she explained and started summarizing all the points of the meeting. 

She was a relatively tall women, had long straight brown hair and hazel eyes that demanded attention and appreciation Her body was slender, and she looked feminine and powerful in her dark blue suit. Somehow, I could keep myself from looking at her. I appreciated her beauty and confidence. From that moment, I could feel the hormones starting the rush through my physique. Again it happened incredibly fast. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Was “I” attracted to this woman or was Will? Maybe we both were. Either way, she caught onto it remarkably quickly and stopped talkin and just gazed at me. It only caused me to want her. Would it really be cheating if it was just a dream? 

“Will, are you okay?”

I could simply not help myself, I wanted to continue were I started this morning. I wanted to feel the pleasure again. I could only think about wanting to feel the inside of her with my flesh, preferably right here and now. 

I gasped for air, “you just look very… fresh today.”


It had seemed like the least intimidating kind of word, and I didn’t want to scare her off. 

She walked over to me from the other side of the room and said nothing. It was as if she was trying the sense the energy inside of me. As if she wanted to know what I was thinking, and strangely enough, it felt as if she was nestling herself inside as well.  

“I thought you said you didn’t want me.”

“I can’t believe I said that,” I uttered. 

“Well, not directly, but you said you could never to that to Claire,” she moved even closer, “but maybe you have changed your mind.”

Little did she know that was literally want had happened. Without saying anything further, I grabbed for the lock of the door and closed it. The sound of the lock closing released a rush of excitement in the both of us. I looked at her and it was clear she wanted me. I couldn’t withstand it any longer and grabbed her neck to pull her towards me. We started kissing vigorously and put my other hand on the back of her body I pulled her even closer to me. I let my hand glide over her back down to her but. It was apparent to me at that point, I would only stop if she told me to. 

From the passion of her kisses and movements, it seemed that would never occur. Our kisses got heated and our breaths deepened, occasionally a moan escaping from each mouth. Again, I could feel the blood rushing into the flesh between my legs and it didn’t take long before it felt as I needed to free it from the constrains of my tight suit pants. As quickly as was possible, we started to undress ourselves from our formal attire. We threw the jackets across the room, unbutton anything there was to unbutton, and even kicked off our shoes. 

“Will, I don’t understand were this is coming from, but I have wanted this for such a long time. I want you to devour me. I’m yours

I felt how her words drenched themselves into my brain and urged it to release another shot of hormones into my body. My skin was hot, and I felt powerful. I felt desired and I wanted to fulfil that desire. When we were almost completely naked, we moved towards her large desk. With ease, I lifted her up and put her round cheeks on the cold glass of the desk. All the masculinity inside of me summoned itself into my movements. I was rough, but gentle enough not to hurt her. 

“God, you are such an incredibly sexy woman,” I moaned into her ear, “I want to be inside of you so badly.”

The words seemed to come from my unconscious mind, and it felt as if I was releasing what Will had been holding back for a very long time. I looked into her hazel eyes and watched her reaction as I let my hand vanish in between her legs. She was wet and hot. I explored the folds of her shell and found the spots that aroused her the most. It was impossible for her to hide it. 

“Oh, Will. Please come inside of me,” she moaned and opened the drawer of the desk to take out a condom. 

It briefly made me wonder, if I was actually the first to fuck her on her desk. I didn’t care. Right now, it was me giving her the pleasure. She took hold of my penis and sensually put the condom around it. 

“You dick is so beautiful,” she proclaimed with a passionate look in her eyes. 

I could only agree. In a way, I was proud of it myself when I looked at it and was looking forward to seeing what else it could do. 

After having taken precautions, she laid back on the table, spread her legs, and presented her female wonder to me. I looked at it and admired it before decreasing the proximity of our sexual areas. First, I pleasured her clit with the hard top of the penis. She was enjoying it profoundly, wanting me more intensely with each shiver I created inside of her. Then, I started to move down and located her precious entrance. When I pushed inwards, the pressure and feeling of the warm flesh around mine was divine. 

“Oh my god,” I gasped loudly as I entered for the first time. 

To be continued…

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