The World Through His Eyes – part 3
Erotic story

The World Through His Eyes – part 3

By Victoria, 26.02.2020

I had always wondered how it would feel to experience sex as a man. Especially how it would feel to penetrate instead of being penetrated. There were many other things I wondered. How it would feel to walk the streets as a man, to experience the looks of women, to have conversations with other men when no woman was around, and peeing standing without issues. All these things were impossible for me to experience first-hand. I would often ask my (sexual)partners and male friends if they could enlighten me how they experience the world. Little did I know all these questions would be answered by experience instead of vague linguistic representations of sensations and feelings. Linguistics expression always leave so much room for interpretation and are very dependent on context. 

The moment I entered a woman for the first time, it opened up a whole new world for me. Combined with the memories I still had from my female perspective of the world, it created this profound appreciation for sex and life itself. In a sense, it was spiritual. When I felt it, I could only think about feeling it again and again. That is what happened prior to being completely inside of her. With all of these feelings, sensations and thoughts racing through my mind, I slowly moved deeper and deeper inside of her until there was no further movement possible. The most sensitive part was surrounded by soft, wet warmth. 

The groans out of my mouth exposed my intense sexual enjoyment of the feeling around the penis. For a moment, I was so consumed by the experience I forgot that this was merely the beginning and I needed to repeat the movement. It felt so good, I was actually afraid I would not last very long. When I took an objective look at the situation, I must have exhibited all the behaviour of a man experiencing sex for the first time. It was clear from the way she looked at me. Both confused and aroused by the image of the disproportionate pleasure I was experiencing from her. It was clear I couldn’t tell her it was indeed my first time. 

While continuously taking in all the sensations around the penis and inside the body, I started to move my hips back and forth. The pleasurable friction it caused was urging my body to create more of it, begging it to increase the speed and force. By that time, I could barely hold myself back from making noises of bliss and gratification. In truth, I felt like screaming from the tops of the roof. After a short while, I realised I was more focused on my own pleasure than hers. I hadn’t even realised I had my eyes closed most of the time. Instantly, I opened them and searched for hers. 

“Is this good for you?” I murmured, barely able to form words. 

“It’s good, but…”

“Please tell me!”

She lifted her body and maintaining me inside of her. I could feel the shape around the penis changing. 

“Let me have to control for a moment,” she whispered dominantly while piercing my eyes with the radiating hazel from hers. 

It excited me and at that moment it was indisputable; I enjoyed when the woman is in control

Moments later, I was sitting on her big leather chair, watching her as she sensually moved around me, shooting us back and beyond the previously established sexual energy. It was difficult to imagine this was the same woman who was previously playing her sophisticated corporate role just as convincing as the one she was currently playing. With her eyes aiming at the shaft, she closed in. 

She positioned herself on top of me and let the erected flesh effortlessly glide into her gorgeous being. While holding herself onto me, she started moving me in and out of herself in the exact rhythm she craved. This position gave me more freedom to focus on the sensations of our act, while ensuring she stimulated effectively and efficiently. Suddenly, there was a loud, urgent knock on the door. 

“Not now!” she shouted in her corporate demeanour and the knocking stopped abruptly. 

It was clear, there was nothing that would keep her from properly finishing the sexual dance we were in and she started to fuck me harder and harder. When it seemed that she couldn’t go any harder just by her own force, I started to aid her in the movements with the strength in my arms. Increasing the speed and force of the thrusts. She was so excited; her juices were flowing down all over my shaft onto my pelvis. By now, she started moaning louder and louder and I started wondering if it could be heard outside the office. I didn’t care at that moment; I didn’t care about anything except the feeling of her vagina engulfing me fully. 

Occasionally, she would stop moving up and down and would alternate into a back and forth movement, stimulating her clit while I stimulated her internally. I could feel her flesh around me contracting, capturing me inside of her, letting me know with her body language, I was not going anywhere before she wanted. As she did, she would move her chest far enough forward for me to feel the softness of her breasts with my face. Their texture and form were so pleasant, I could imagine living out every morning slumber of my life there. Suddenly, she started moving very fast and wild. Rubbing, thrusting, grabbing me. She was having orgasm and from what it seemed it was intense. I could feel the resulting contractions clearly tightening the grip she had on me. For a very brief moment, she halted all motion and was riding the waves of her orgasm to the end. Then, she started moving again. 

“You dick feels so good. It’s making me come so hard. I can’t stop, Will.”

The sight of the pleasure the next waves of orgasms created inside of her, pushed me over the edge as well. I could feel the explosion forming inside of me again and while her contractions continued to create the perfect massage of the penis. I came while remaining inside of her and I could nearly feel an energy exchange taking place. She let herself fall backwards, trusting I would catch her torso and prevent her from falling of me. I observed her bent torso while the orgasm reached its highest point. For a while, we were motionless. We were covered in sweat and I could feel the blood retreating back into my body. Leaving the penis drained but satisfied. 

My second orgasm had been considerably more intense than the first one in the morning. Although the sensation of oral sex and the penetration were equally enjoyable, the mere idea of being completely inside of woman increased the pleasure I received from it. 

“That was amazing,” I said but we should get back to work. The meeting is in half an hour. 

She immediately got back into her professional role and resumed in a formal tone and while we swiftly discussed the meeting, Claire started to be present in my mind and heart again. My colleague would give me another naught wink before we left the office and that was the last sign I would see of our sexual bond throughout that day. 

Throughout the day at work, I got filled with a sense of guilt towards Claire and I tried to dissolve it by continuously reminding myself it was all just a dream, but it was all too real. On the other, I could feel that what happened had nothing to do with Claire, it did not decrease any love or desire I felt for her. When I arrived back to the apartment, Claire was already there and had prepared a nice dinner. I realised she was nearly the complete opposite of the woman I fucked early in the day. Claire was blond and short, radiating this caring character inside of her. 

“Hi honey, how are you feeling? I hope work wasn’t too stressful,” she said and come over to hug and kiss me. 

When I held her in my arms, I felt a mixture of gratitude and guild, but it also opened up a great understand between the feeling of lust and love. In that moment, I wanted to make love to her, tell her that I love her with all my being — mind and body. 

“Let me make love to you,” I pleaded and spent a good hour merely on her pleasure. 

First, I discovered all of her body with my tongue, nearly having her climax before I made incredible passionate love to her. She told me it was the best sex she had ever had, not just with me, but in her entire life. The body was satisfied and tired. When I went to sleep, I wondered if I would finally wake up into my real life but realised it ultimately didn’t matter. Will’s human experience was as good as any. 

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