Why men enjoy a woman’s orgasm too

Why men enjoy a woman’s orgasm too

By Janna, 15.04.2024

During sex, an orgasm is the highlight, literally and figuratively. And yes, the clichés are true, nine out of ten times, men are quicker to reach climax than women. But this doesn’t mean to say that men can’t also enjoy women’s orgasms. In fact, seeing and experiencing a woman’s orgasm can be extremely satisfying and arousing to men.

Connection and pride

Experiencing a partner’s orgasm isn’t only a source of pleasure for men, but also one of pride and emotional connection. Seeing their lover in a state of ecstasy fills a man with pride, knowing that they are the source of this pleasure. It gives a sense of achievement and fulfilment, comparable to reaching a goal or winning a match. Moreover, it strengthens the emotional bond between partners, creating a deeper connection.


During an orgasm, various chemical reactions take place in your body, one of which is the release of oxytocine, also known as the “love hormone”. This hormone is released in large quantities during sexual activity and it stimulates feelings of love, trust and connection. Experiencing your partner’s orgasm, followed by this increase in oxytocin, strengthens the emotional bond with your partner and creates a feeling of deep connection and intimacy.

Private show

For men, seeing their partner’s passion and surrender during an orgasm is an intimate and arousing experience. Observing their partner’s physical and emotional reactions, like their convulsing body, heavy breathing and sounds of pleasure, arouses excitement and longing in men. It’s like watching a private show of passion and desire, exclusively for them.

In short, a partner’s orgasm isn’t only a source of pleasure to her, but to him too. It strengthens the bond between partners, intensifies arousal and contributes to a deep sense of connection and satisfaction in the relationship. Overall, men experience a partner’s orgasm as intimate and arousing, and it fills them with pride, satisfaction, and admiration for their lover. So, all the more reason to enjoy your climax together!

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