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Erotic story: Blind trust

An urge develops to touch myself, but since I am unable to, I rub my legs restlessly against each other. I am so occupied with myself that I did not notice another entity has entered the room and I am not longer by myself - A new and thrilling story written by Victoria Hawk. We have been a couple for over five years now and from the first time we ...

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Two kissing mouths

Erotic Story: Brace yourself

"First class is empty today", she informs me and closes the curtain that acts as a boundary between the classes - One of the most favorite erotic stories that is written by Victoria Hawk. "33D, 33D", I am mumbling while I make my way through the narrow row of seats on the airplane. Due to my late check-in the possibility to get a window seat was gone and I am ...

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Woman holding her finger on her lips

Erotic story: The dinner

The smooth fabric of my underwear acts as an intensifier for the touch of his finger on my clit and for a moment I lose control of my body. A jerk and silent moan are the result. “Are you alright, dear?”, I hear from across the table and stare right into his mother's eyes – A new story that will give you the ultimate female gratification, by Victoria Hawk. As sophisticated ...

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A man looking

Erotic Story: The Obsession – Part 2

Her body was his, but his mind was hers. Tom was not particularly bad looking, but he did have low self-esteem. Besides that, he had an ever stronger growing tendency to fall for tremendously extroverted and outspoken women. The women all the men wanted to be with. This combination of his shyness and their extrovertedness had never worked in his favor, as it paralyzed him to make any moves. ...

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Man and woman cuddling in bed naked

Erotic Story: The Nightingale Visit

Without giving it much further thought, I grab a nursing uniform and change myself into a nurse in the bathroom. While my heart is pounding, I casually walk past the nurses' station and quickly vanish into room 469. Like a teenager on hormone overdrive, I am skipping my way home from work and think about the steps I need to take to get ready for the evening. Tonight, we will ...

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Womans eyes

Erotic Story: The Obsession – Part 1

"Bella, what are you doing?!" Unsure who had caught who, they just stared at each other with widened eyes. Isabella, or Bella as most of her friends call her, lived in a house together with three other roommates. There was a careful distribution of two girls and two guys. Within those pairs a selection of two extroverts and two introverts. It was evident to everyone Bella belonged to the ...

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The hottest and most exciting sex stories for women

Are you looking for the hottest and most exciting sex stories? In our magazine you will find a large collection of the best erotic stories. Our stories are written by highly rated erotic authors. In this article you will find a collection of our best sex stories, written with real love and passion. Enjoy to the fullest! Slippery When Wet Enjoy and read Slippery When Wet One of our most recent erotic stories is ...

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couple under the shower

Erotic Story: Slippery When Wet

After an intense work-out I always long for a long hot shower… My clothes are drained in my sweat and I quickly take them off and create a little heap in the corner of the bathroom floor. I reach past the nearly transparent shower curtain and start turning on the hot water. All the while trying to avoid any water falling on any other part of my body than ...

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Erotic Story: Eyes Wide Open – Part 6

Shortly after my whip is peacefully resting on the floor next to my heels, his blood draws to the parts of his skin that have just been struck. Objectively I observe the red stripes that are forming, only taking into account the biological reaction that is taking place inside his body. His breath is deep and slow. His eyes remain closed. I give him a moment to enjoy the chemicals ...

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Eyes Wide Open 5

Erotic Story: Eyes Wide Open – Part 5

The wooden door is entirely shut, and we both start walking around the room. Quietly observing all the objects it holds, taking everything in with all our senses. The smell of the room is peculiar and gives me the impression I have indeed been transported five hundred years into the past. We both look like we don’t belong here, as our outfits are in stark contrast with the roughness of ...

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