The hottest sex positions to do in the tub
Sex Positions

The hottest sex positions to do in the tub

By Sabine, 29.03.2021

Having sex in the tub is hot! Although the idea is mostly steamier than the real thing. Because it’s slippery when wet, water gets EVERYWHERE, and well, you name it.  But not to worry, it can be delicious as long as you follow our tips!

Sex positions: 

Oral sex

A bath can help you relax to the max and that is perfect for oral sex. You can take turns being on top, the one who is on the receiving end just has to tilt their pelvis. Place your hands on the sides if you need the support. Is your tub too small? Try to sit on the side of the bathtub. Be sure to have the room heated because cold can be a real mood killer! 

Woman on top

The man goes into the tub first. In sitting position he will stretch his legs out straight. The position works best when the tub is not too full of water. The water will rise higher because there’s two of you in there. It will save you a lot of mopping. The woman gets on top of him and uses the edges of the tub for support, or his shoulders. 

Face to face

This is the perfect position for tubsex. It’s a bit like a ‘spider’ position, you will sit face to face, the woman spreads her legs and folds them across his shoulders, or on the edges of the tub. The man can grab her hips and move in her.


This is a very popular position, especially among men. The woman goes on all fours while her man takes her from behind. But it is delicious for women too, because the penis gets deep enough to stimulate the G-spot. Be sure to keep the woman’s head high enough to avoid a nosedive. 

Other Tips:

Waterbased toys

The tub is also a very good place to use a sextoy! There are toys that are created just for that kind of pleasure! To enjoy in the tub, but also in the shower. Check for the waterproof label. 


We often think water makes things slide, but it doesn’t. It even roughs things up and can not be used as lube. Pick a lube that’s not water, but silicone based. Silicone based lube is perfect to use with water, even for long use, or massages. It’s also safe for internal use, so, there’s no reason not to give it a try!

Safe sex

You will want to do it safe, wherever you have sex. But the combination of water and condoms is not a safe one. Water can cause friction which can make the condom rip or tear, or the condom can even slide off. It is very important that you check if the condom is still on the penis, so occasionally check if you can still feel the edge of the condom. Some lube may help!  And be sure not to do a marathon session.


We just love love love bath bombs. But it’s a big no-no when you are having sex in the tub. Condoms are sensible to oils, foams, bath bombs, lotions, vaseline and soaps. Latex condoms are sensible to fats, shampoo, soaps and lotions. But it’s not just the condom. Your vagina is also very sensible to these substances. You don’t want to use a lot of frictions and soap in your special place.

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