Erotic Story: My night
Erotic story

Erotic Story: My night

By Yentl, 04.04.2024

She smiles at me, little wrinkles form around her eyes and she sucks in her bottom lip. She looks hungry, as if she’s ready to attack at any moment.

Her breasts are perfectly tight in the cups of her bra and the dark colour looks breath-taking on her. As if this isn’t seductive enough, she also smells really good, like a fresh spring morning.

Her bright blue eyes look at me expectantly and she sweeps a lock of hair over her shoulders. She’s a beauty.

Behind me, I feel how Nick puts his hand on my shoulder and then softly kisses my neck. The tension in the air is palpable. Nobody mentions it, but I know for sure that they can feel it too. My eyes catch sight of the strap-on dildo she’s holding in one of her hands. My brain is starting to crack. The times I’ve fantasized about this can’t be counted on one hand. Actually not even on both my hands and feet, but now that I see that thing, I’m seriously starting to wonder whether it’s all going to fit.

‘We thought this is what you wanted?’

Even her voice sounds excited.

‘It’s going to be hard work for Julia, but this way she can also experience what I always do for you two.’

They both start laughing as my head fills with the most horny images.

‘I’m curious about it too, so maybe you can have a go too next time.’

She winks and wiggles the dildo up and down.

‘Okay, okay!,’ I call out way too excitedly. ‘I really want this, but I need a little warming-up.’

Nick starts to laugh. ‘Of course, did you think she would push it inside just like that?’

His fingertips tickle along my neck and he’s so close now that I feel his breath against my skin.

His hand slides from my shoulder to my right boob, which he starts to massage gently. I throw my head back against his chest and moan with excitement.

‘Hmm,’ Julia sighs softly, ‘it always sounds so good when you moan.’

I smile and look at her. She puts the dildo next to her and strokes her fingers from my ankles to the inside of my legs. Up towards the spot that seems to feel more sensitive by the minute.

‘Tonight is your night.’ Her voice sounds so soft that it almost feels like a melody.

When her fingers reach the edge of my panties, I release another sigh. Again she sucks in her bottom lip, shit I’d kill to kiss her now. Julia has other plans though. Agonizingly slowly, she pulls my panties over my skin and excitedly looks at my heat. 

She effortlessly pushes my legs apart and kisses the inside of my thighs. The way she always works is both tender and horny as hell. No idea how she does it really.

Just as she reaches my labia, Nick takes hold of my chin and pulls me towards him. He presses his soft lips to mine and in no time our tongues are fiercely dancing around each other. My heart beats faster and then I feel her warm tongue against my sensitive skin. Her nails dig gently into my thighs as she licks me with abandon.

With my eyes closed I dream away in bliss. Nick is still massaging my breast and at intervals maddeningly pinches my now hard nipple. My chest heavily rises and falls and I moan uncontrollably into his mouth. These two always get me so wild. And they don’t even have to do much for it.

Julia stops abruptly and climbs further up my body. Her mouth finds my other breast and she firmly licks my nipple. The fresh air in the bedroom adds an extra sensation to my now wet nipple, which is getting increasingly hard. And then she gently uses her teeth.

‘Shit,’ I mumble against Nick’s lips.

Our kiss stops, Julia takes hold of my arms and pulls me up, towards her. My lips automatically find hers and in the same second our hands are stroking each other’s hair.

Not that we can see it, but Nick’s taking his clothes off. Somewhere in the background I can hear his pants hitting the floor, hear him pulling his boxers over his well-shaped ass and lying down on the bed.

We stop our kiss, look at each other and then look at Nick, lying on the sheets now, stark naked and rock-hard.

‘Get used to that first.’ Julia taps my leg, as if she wants to say that it’s okay.

I kiss her mouth one more time and then climb on Nick. The tip of his hard-on tickles my back as we look at each other and he brushes a strand of hair behind my ear.

As soon as he starts moaning softly, I know that Julia’s taken him into her mouth. I have to keep myself from looking. It’s always such an arousing sight when she gives him a blowjob.

Nick’s hands stroke along my spine as he moans softly. When his hands reach my lower back, he presses me tightly against him. This way, my butt is automatically forced further backwards.

Julia chuckles and in no time I feel her tongue sliding through my wetness again. I moan excitedly, knowing what’s in store for me.

‘Are you ready?’

I look at them in turns and nod approvingly. I raise my body up slightly, watch how Julia holds Nick’s hard-on still and then lower myself over him. The sound of our moaning fills the room and I start moving excitedly.

‘Can you manage?’, Nick asks, trying to look over my shoulder to Julia.

I hear some sounds and she indicates that she’s almost ready.

While I move gently back and forth and the tension rages through my body, Nick holds up his hand along my body to receive a dollop of lube from Julia.

‘We’ll start slowly, I promise. And if things don’t feel right, we’ll stop straight away.’

I nod, excited and nervous at the same time. With my eyes closed, I feel how Nick spreads lube between my buttocks and then slides a finger inside me.

I moan excitedly. I’m used to a finger in my ass during sex, but what we’re building up to, almost drives me crazy.

He playfully slides his finger in an out and I moan in response. Julia indicates that everything is in its place and she is ready. I sigh with expectation and quickly look behind me. There she is, with the strap-on dildo that I looked at doubtfully less then fifteen minutes ago. Now I just can’t wait for it to be inside of me.

My body shudders shortly when Nick withdraws his finger. I feel him taking a firm hold of my ass and pulling it apart slightly while Julia positions herself and carefully pushes the dildo inside. It feels raw and full, but fucking horny mainly.

‘Fuck,’ Nick groans, ‘I can feel it through your skin.’

I sigh with excitement and release and start to move gently. The overwhelming sense of being completely filled on both sides is next level.

‘Hmm, this looks so good. You decide the rhythm.’ The arousal in Julia’s voice lets me know that we are going to reverse this another time.

I moan, completely out of breath, and let the mild pain turn into intense bliss. After a few minutes I want more, I dare more.

‘I am ready. You can take it from here.’

They are quiet for a moment and then Nick grabs my hips and starts thrusting. It takes a bit of time to find a rhythm that works for all of us, but as soon as Julia grabs my ass and starts thrusting too, everything seems to fade. I’m producing sounds I didn’t even know I had in me. This exceeds all my fantasies, and, like never before, I enjoy my night.

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