Sexual Empowerment Throughout History

‘Empowerment’ is defined as the process of becoming stronger or more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and rights, and a healthy attitude to sex is, arguably, a fundamental human right.  Nowadays, we are experiencing a boom in sexual empowerment. Body positivity, self-love, and radical sexual acceptance are all leading the way when it comes to modern sexual empowerment…but how has this been addressed by those over history? In this article we’re ...

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Some of History’s Scariest Sex Facts

October is Halloween themed! That means it’s time to shiver. For the sex positive activist it can often be tempting to look at attitudes towards sex and relationships around the world with a degree of despair. However the very fact that sex positivity is a movement that exists and is thriving shows just how far we’ve come as a society. Attitudes towards sex are changing for the better (especially in ...

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10 things you didn’t know about porn

The internet is filled with it  There are over 26 million pornsites, that means 12% of the whole internet. Porn also stars in the top four search requests and 35% of all downloads The oldest pornfilm was made in 1896, just a year after the invention of film The French erotic film Le Coucher de la Mariée  was one of the first porn flicks. The duration of the film was seven minutes, ...

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Woman in bed dreaming about sex

Sleep and Sex (Why You Need Both)

March 13th saw the celebration of World Sleep Day, which was a great excuse for all of us to justify getting our recommended 7-9 hours of sleep that we all require. However, if you’re not focusing on getting the same amount every night then you could just be short-changing your love life, alongside many other things.  The Benefits of Sleep Why is there a World Sleep Day anyway? Well, even though we ...

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Lover horoscope

How Your Horoscopes Affect Your Sex Life (Answer: They Don’t…Unless You Want Them Too)

Horoscopes are a good bit of fun. Surmised in ancient history by the Babylonians (and many other cultures), humans have been practicing the alignment of temperament, personality, and future prospects for thousands of years.  But what can your horoscopes tell you about yourself?  Not much to be honest.  The Truth About Horoscopes  Astrology in all its forms has long been debunked by the scientific community as having no explanatory relevance nor power over a ...

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Woman with icecube in her mouth

Freezing your genitals is hot!

People are freezing their genitals to 'spice up' sex - and improve appearance. A delicious piece of chocolate, a nice glass of alcohol or a massage; there are many different ways to lift your endorphin levels. And give your sex-drive a boost. But they are all so old-fashioned. Thé way to boost your endorphin levels is ….freezing your genitals! It also gives your sex-drive an enormous boost, and – not unimportant- ...

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Naked woman on bed

More orgasms for the ladies

The frequency of orgasm of heterosexual men is higher than the frequency of heterosexual women. But we can do something about that! According to American researchers there is a big difference between the number of orgasms from men and women. They researched a group of 52.588 adults of which the majority was straight. It turned out that heterosexual men have an orgasm most frequent (95%) when they are intimate with someone, ...

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Study: Women fake orgasms to end bad sex

Research shows that straight women often simulate their orgasm to stop non-consensual sex. There's a sad, unfortunate cultural trope of women faking orgasms to please men , who can forget the scene in When Harry Met Sally. Now, unsurprisingly, a new, albeit small study reveals that women do fake orgasms for a reason: so the sex will be over more quickly. The study, which was presented at the British Psychological Society, asked women ages ...

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Egyptian image

Egyptian Porn Magazine

Back to the old Egypt, where they felt free to have sex with whoever they wanted. In a musuem in Turin you can find the most mysterious and controversial papyrus roles from the old Egypt: ‘The pictures represent monstrous unfortunate situations which represent a distinctive view of the wisdom from the Egyptians’, according to the Egyptologist Jean-Francois Champollion in a letter from 1824. Papyrus 55001, which is the official name of ...

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Womans mouth with milk

5 things in porn that are definitely fake

Here at DUSK we are proud to present high quality porn, female friendly and also as realistic as possible. There is so much fake stuff in regular porn. So before you feel like an amateur after watching that kind of porn, realise that the sexy scene was probably very fake. Let us tell you which stuff is definitely not real. Lots.Of.Sperm.Does your lover's cum consist of no more than a few ...

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