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Heat, sweat and pleasure
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Romantic stories

Are you in a romantic mood? Do you feel the need to completely languish in a wonderful romantic story with an erotic touch? Then you are at the right place at Dusk Magazine. Here you will find the most exciting stories written for and by women. Lean back and read these romantic stories. The women who write these stories make you forget about the world around you for a while. When you read these stories, you will feel that it’s all about you. For a moment you will feel that you’re the main character in these exciting romantic stories.


You sometimes hear that romance and eroticism are completely separate from each other. People say you can’t combine the two. These romantic stories prove otherwise! If you read one of our exciting stories, you will notice that romance and eroticism can indeed be combined. Our female writers know how to strike the right chord, which will make you feel some excitement while reading. These articles really are the definition of porna, the female-friendly version of porn. Start reading right away and get lost in these delightful stories!