Erotic Story: A sultry evening in Milan
Erotic story

Erotic Story: A sultry evening in Milan

By Annabel, 11.04.2024

It’s the last evening of our city trip in Milan. Since our flight back to Amsterdam is tomorrow afternoon, we decide to go out for a fancy dinner tonight. Rosa found a beautiful rooftop restaurant with a view on the typical white cathedral that Milan is so famous for.

Rosa is dressed up in a beautiful royal-blue evening dress, which perfectly matches her red curls. I put on a suit with a deep neckline, so you can see the edge of my lace bra. I’m wearing my blood-red stiletto heels underneath. Rosa thinks I look like a sexy business woman, and I’m happy to take that compliment. Maybe I’ll meet a handsome Italian tonight.

We are guided to a great table close to the railing. The waiter secretly looks us up and down, but he’s not exactly my type. He gives us the wine menu and we decide to order a bottle of rose wine, knowing that we will most likely end up with a cocktail. As a starter we choose a kind of Italian tapas, and as main course Rosa takes a pasta with fish and I go for the Milanese risotto.

When I see the starters arriving up ahead, my heart skips a beat. Not because of the food, but because of the beautiful man balancing our plates in his hands.

Buonasera,” is his first word. Then he passionately starts to talk about the food he has lovingly prepared for us. It turns out he is also the chef! While he talks in his best English, with an obvious Italian accent, a lock of hair falls into his face which he puts back in place in a sultry, sexy way. Now, this is my type.

My eyes follow him as he walks back to the kitchen. Rosa notices me doing so and she throws me a smile.

“It’s our last night here, Jen, I’d go for it.” No way, she’s crazy. I wouldn’t dare do something like that, would I? He is at work, after all. Still, he stays in my head and I catch myself looking in again and again in the hope of spotting him.

The main course is brought and picked up by another waiter. At some point, the wine is starting to kick in and Rosa and I are having great fun together. Gradually, the tables around us turn empty and, apart from a few locals, we’re the only guests left in the restaurant. I decide to go to the rest room and see if I can catch a glimpse of the Italian chef. The kitchen is empty. I’m led up to a small flight of stairs and end up at the ladies room. Fancy chic, just as I expected.

After I’m done and walk out of the ladies room flapping my wet hands, I bump into him. Suddenly, we’re face to face.

“There you are.”

Was he looking for me? I feel a blush coming on. Overwhelmed and amazed, I nod.

“You want dessert?”, he asks seductively.

I tell him that I have to discuss this with my girlfriend first, but I quickly realize that he has a different kind of dessert in mind. Before I know it, we’re back in ladies room, kissing. His beard slightly rubs my face, but I don’t mind at all. Our tongues find each other and he gently lifts me onto the sink. I run my nails through his hair and he groans.

“I like that,” he says half-kissing. That’s my cue to surrender and I go through his soft black curly hair with both hands. In the meantime, his hands find the button of my blazer, which he opens gallantly, and reach for my lace bra. My hands lower down over his strong chest, and I feel that he’s not just a chef. Button by button I open his white chef’s jacket and feel a lightly hairy, firm chest. He must work out at least five times a week.

I nimbly jump off the sink and push him straight against the toilet stall. I lock the door behind me. I want him now. We quickly undress each other and he puts me on his cock, so to say. He’s already turned me on so much that he easily slides into me. I feel his heat inside me and start to glow even more. In the meantime, he kisses me passionately on my neck, while I grab his hear again. This won’t take long for either of us.

He turns me around and takes a firm hold of my ass. In complete surrender, I lean against the wall so he can penetrate even deeper. He now grabs my breasts and kneads them deftly. My hard nipples almost burst with horniness. Gradually, he slows down his thrusts and tells me that he’s about to come. I turn around and drop to my knees. I look up with wide eyes as he continues to jerk off. I squeeze my breasts together and nod; I want to receive his cum on my breasts. He gets the hint and immediately a warm load flows over me. I can’t resist having a little taste.

He helps me up and has no intention to leave the booth yet. He gradually slides his finger into my wet pussy. He knows exactly how to find the right spot and soon a wave of heat goes through my body too. We look at each other panting, and finish with a long kiss.

Back at the table, Rosa is busy talking to the waiter. I straighten my blazer and sit back in my chair.

“You ladies want dessert?”, the waiter asks us. No thanks, I think. I’m good for now.

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