Erotic Story: The Obsession – Part 2
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The Obsession – Part 2

By Victoria, 09.05.2020

Her body was his, but his mind was hers.

Tom was not particularly bad looking, but he did have low self-esteem. Besides that, he had an ever stronger growing tendency to fall for tremendously extroverted and outspoken women. The women all the men wanted to be with. This combination of his shyness and their extrovertedness had never worked in his favor, as it paralyzed him to make any moves. Nevertheless, he continued to be intrigued by their behavior, not being able to understand how their confidence never seemed to lose its strength and the right words always left their mouths at the right time. Their openness was giving him the impression they had no secrets and nothing to hide.

The day he first met Bella he remembered very vividly. It was three years ago. He had been living in the apartment for six months and was the one to receive her the day she moved in with just two suitcases, confidence, and a loud mouth. Immediately then he understood he would fall in love with her, but would never be able to connect with her. Not in the way he heartily desired. Still, he longed to get to know her, and all of her secrets. He wanted to understand what made her, and all the other extroverted women, the way they were. He had an unquenchable curiosity. Looking back on it, it seemed like Tom gradually and accidentally slipped into his obsession with Bella. Every moment he managed to get a more profound insight into her mind, he was discovering they were more alike than he could ever have imagined. This realization made him feel confident for the first time in his life and gave him a sense of control he never thought he could possess. He got addicted to this feeling. One day they would be together, he knew that. He just never thought it would be so soon. Now he was deep inside of her, and she demanded to be fucked even harder, this unleashed a part of his being he did not know exists.

Loudly she demanded him to be fucked harder, and immediately the intensity of his thrusts increased.

Suddenly confidence rushed through his body with the same intensity as if it was adrenaline; maybe it was adrenaline. All the love and lust he had bottled up for years was being released into Bella’s body. His passion was blind. With one hand he held her wrists firmly above her head. Bella became aware she had never surrendered to any man like this before. Her body was his, but his mind was hers. With her words, she was able to influence his movements. Loudly she demanded him to be fucked harder, and immediately the intensity of his thrusts increased. The physical effort he put into his movements, slowly caused his body to sweat. They were both able to feel the moisture that had formed on his skin when their bodies rubbed against each other. While the velocity of his fucking continued to increase, he was forced to close his eyes momentarily and groan. Mostly because of the strain of his body. Bella was immensely aroused by the noises that were coming out of Tom’s mouth. They meant he was making an effort to pleasure her. In the meantime memories of him watching her kept resurfacing in her mind, and suddenly she understood his exploratory gazes in her direction over the years. His lips were kissing, almost sliding, over her neck and down to her collarbones, all the while her curiosity about his obsessions kept growing in her mind. She needed to know. “Tom, please tell me how closely you have watched me,” she abruptly pleaded him. Tom stopped moving and look deeply into Bella’s eyes and smiled. She had never seen this expression on his face. He continued to grow on her. “Bella, you are an intriguing woman, I wanted to get to know you, but I never knew how,” he said a gentle tone.

“Tom, tell me every fucking detail,” she whispered.

Without saying anything Bella moved away from under Tom’s body. For a moment he was afraid his words had scared her, suddenly understanding the underlying significance of his previous actions as never before. “Bella…” Before he could begin his sentence, Bella turned and pushed him hard on his back and kept pushing down with merely her fingers in the middle of his sweaty, musculus chest. A small frown appeared on his forehead, was this the end of it, was it over? “You did invade my privacy. Not once, but systematically. You probably know more about me than anyone else. Don’t you?” Bella slowly said, while she moved one leg over his body, having one knee at each side, she engulfed his tower of flesh with her deep tunnel. She is completely submissive to gravity and lets her pelvis lower all the way down onto his. “I want you to tell me everything you know about me,” she demanded him while she pushed her body harder down than gravity could pull her. Tom remained silent. Not understanding why she wanted to know all the things, suddenly feeling his private thoughts were being violated. With him still inside of her, she bent over and firmly grabbed his jaw with her hand. Her hand was small and delicate, and the force she was able to put into seemed out of proportion. She forced his head slightly to the side and moved her mouth next to his ear. “Tom, tell me every fucking detail,” she whispered. “Every detail.” He understood this was the only path to redemption for what he had done. “I know you really like corn,” he mumbled. “Everybody knows I like fucking corn. Tell me something other people don’t know.” Her nails embedded themselves into his cheek. “I know you always make a wish when you see a butterfly” When she heard his words, she started to move her body upwards, concentrating on the friction between their gears of pleasure.

She visualised herself jerking off and Tom laying in his bed in the room next to it listening, probably jerking off too.

“Tell me more!”, she screamed while she increased the pace of her movements, placing her hands on his pecks to push herself up into the air. “I know you are unable to make head calculations. You even calculate 2+5 with your calculator. You have to sneeze when you look into the light. You get scared by the sounds of sirens”. Hearing all these details of herself awakened a horny narcissist inside of her. By now she was moving fast, and Tom had trouble thinking about anything else than the incredible feeling of her cunt rubbing over his hard cock. He placed his hands on her tender waist and assisted her with the motions. By now they had reached a flow that surprised them both, and they felt they were reaching the edge of their orgasm. Tom closed his eyes and was listening carefully to hear loud moaning. “Now tell me the dirty details”, she moans loudly. “Your favourite underwear is the pink lance,” he instantly revealed. “More!” “I know you masturbate almost every morning before your alarm goes off.” She visualised herself jerking off and Tom laying in his bed in the room next to it listening, probably jerking off too. He had been there, all this time, right by her side. Bella was coming and grabbed the flesh of his chest in between her nails until he started bleeding. The pain and sight of her orgasming made him come too. Pushing her body down onto his and holding it there steadily, using her muscle contractions to squeeze the fluids out of his body. Sweat was dripping down her face onto his torso, while their minds emerged from Valhalla again, she suddenly could imagine a future with Tom. The man that loved her so much, the man that was addicted to her.

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