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DUSK Magazine is the best online platform where you can read all about porn for women, the best sex tips, the hottest erotic stories and many more!

We have divided the magazine into four different categories. As a reader, you will learn about all the facts and interesting stories of sex!

Porn for women

Porn for women stands for female-friendly porn. They are erotic videos made by women for women. Other than regular porn, pron for women is all about mutual respect, fun and female pleasure! Curious? Read more about porn for women.

Erotic stories

Do you like to read hot erotic stories? We offer you the best! In our magazine we have a wide collection of erotic stories. Perfect for an intimate summer evening. For example, read Victoria Hawk’s storyline in “Eyes Wide Open” about a women’s journey in the world of BDSM. The thrilling sex story ‘’Heat, Sweat and Pleasure’’ is also highly recommended.

Sex tips

The best sex tips can be found in this category of our online magazine. We publish interesting sex tips every week! For example, do you want to know how to get a speedy orgasm? We know all about that!


In addition to the erotic stories and sex tips, we also have a Lifestyle category. In this category, sex-related topics emerge that will surprise or enthuse you. Do you want to know what the most romantic destinations in the world are? Read it here!


We also want to keep our readers updated about sex topics. That’s why we have launched the News category for our readers. From remarkable articles to interesting facts, a top category. By the way, did you know that couples who sleep separately have more sex? We are sleeping separately already after reading this article!

In addition to our DUSK Magazine, we also have a video platform, where you can watch THE BEST porn for women video’s!

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