The eternal debate about sex on the first date

The eternal debate about sex on the first date

By Janna, 25.04.2024

Whether sex on the first date is a good idea has been a major topic of discussion for years. Some people see advantages in it, while others prefer to wait a bit longer. Everyone has their own reasons, having to do with personal preferences and cultural standards and values.

Standards and values

Dating can be pretty exciting sometimes, especially a first date. People have different standards and values for dating. Some prefer playing hard to get, while others are very open about their feelings. These different approaches also exist when it comes to sex on the first date. For example, many women fear that a man will quickly loose interest if they have sex on a first date, or that they will be seen as “too easy”. But is this really true?

Deeper connection

Sex can create a deeper connection with someone, even if you don’t know them very well yet. Sharing such an intimate experience can strengthen the bond between two people and create more chemistry and connection. So, it can be a way to discover whether there is potential for further romantic development.

It’s on you!

It’s essential to follow your own gut feeling when deciding about having sex on a first date. If you’ve had great chemistry with your date and it feels right to end the evening with intimacy, why not listen to that feeling? It’s your choice and the most important thing is that it feels right for you. Don’t forget to use protection though.


By opening yourself up on a date, you show what you feel about the other person. Being vulnerable, you show that you are serious and open to a deeper relationship. It can be a sign of respect and trust, which are essential in a healthy relationship.

The one-night-stand

Of course a one-night-stand can also be tempting if there isn’t really a romantic spark on a date, but the desire for an exciting adventure keeps tingling. It’s essential to be upfront about this though. If you both agree, a night full of passion and pleasure can be a satisfying experience, with no strings attached. So discuss this together first and express both your expectations clearly beforehand. That way you can both look back positively on your hot night of adventure. If you feel the urge and have a good vibe together, why not just go for that sparkling and spontaneous connection?

With these different aspects in mind, you’ll probably have a better understanding of other people’s decisions about having sex on a first date. In the end, it’s about what feels right for you. Whether you choose to have sex on a first date or prefer to wait, the most imou can get to know each other better in a casual way and find out whether there is potential for mportant thing is that you respect each other’s choices and boundaries and that yore.

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