Top 5 hottest erotic stories
Erotic story

Top 5 hottest erotic stories

By Sabine, 26.01.2021

We love them: hot, erotic stories that describe our wildest sex fantasies. Here on DUSK magazine you can read the best sex stories, both short stories and thrilling sequences. Written by women, for women. We’ve listed our most-read sex stories for you!

#5 Sequence: The Strongest Shape

Karen and Alfred decide to open their relationship to a third person, resulting in greatest sexual adventures. From threesomes and anal sex to sadomasochism.

While his hands surfed over the curves over her body, her legs, her waists, and her legs again, Karen could barely recognise the movements.

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Man caressing two women

#4 Midnight Sex

After 15 years of marriage, James and his wife are just as in love as they were at the beginning and can still turn each other on. After a horny dream from his wife, James is seduced into a hot game of sex.

Full of passion he kissed her, full of desire she moaned. “I am already wet,” she whispered and could feel the seed of her orgasm sprouting at that instant. Her body was shivering and tensing, and her mind was profoundly disoriented 

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Midnight sex

#3 The Dinner

Getting fingered by your boyfriend at a neat family dinner with your in-laws? Hell yeah… read this juicy story by Victoria Hawk now!

The smooth fabric of my underwear acts as an intensifier for the touch of his finger on my clit and for a moment I lose control of my body. A jerk and silent moan are the result. “Are you alright, dear?”, I hear from across the table and stare right into his mother’s eyes

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Vrouw houdt haar vinger op haar lippen

#2 Blind Trust

“Blind Trust” is about a couple whose lives have always been filled with sexual adventures. Their latest discovery: a threesome. And that works well, VERY well ..

“He is starting with an upward movement of licks and kisses, while she is moving in the opposite direction.”

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Vrouw met blinddoek

#1 Brace Yourself

Is sex on a plane one of your erotic fantasies? In the erotic story “Brace yourself” you read about the dirty sex adventure in the sky of a flight attendant and a passenger in an empty first class …

“Now, stay quiet”, she whispers at the moment the top of her fingers create a space between the elastic band of my legging and my skin. While looking at me with her lower lip between her teeth, her hand moves down to the wet part between my legs.

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Twee zoenende monden

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