Erotic Story: Eyes wide open – part 3
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Eyes wide open – part 3

By Victoria, 04.04.2020

The third part of a woman’s journey in the discovery of BDSM.

Impatiently I am staring at my phone, waiting for it to vibrate and tell me where to go.  Because it feels like I am obstructing time and it is not moving forward at all, I decide to inspect my reflection in the large mirror in my living room. The dress is bought especially for this occasion and reflects the way I currently feel, innocent yet daring. The black fabric almost entirely covers up my chest up to my neck, revealing nothing. Whereas the back is basically nonexistent, showing or even accentuating the muscle structures under my flawless skin. At least these are the words of the woman selling the dress and I have to agree with her statement.

I turn around so my front is facing the mirror again and with one hand put my equally new, golden mask up to my face. It seems like my reflection is an entirely different person and I am starting to feel that way. Last time it was mostly nerves, almost fear, dominating my mind. This time it is an excitement that is comparable to with the excitement I had the night before my sixth birthday. With my mind lost in the maze of endless possibilities of tonight, my body startles when at last the long-awaited text message arrives. Besides the expected coordinates it also contains a name and dates in the past. The coordinates correspond with the location of a large cemetery in the outskirts of the city and instantly I understand the meaning of the name and dates. However, my previous confidence has been swapped with a slight sense of confusion – why do I need to go to the grave of Wilhelm Strauss, born in 1913, died in 1956?

Blinded by the light, I step through it and truly feel like Alice entering Wonderland.

The taxi driver does not say anything, but I can sense the same confusion radiating from him when he is asked to drop me off in front of a cemetery in the middle of the night. “Keep an open mind, keep an open mind,” I continuously mumble while I start looking at the names on the headstones. It had been raining hours before and it is misty and cool. Classic. Suddenly, I see an enormous headstone in the middle of the graveyard and are drawn to it. It looks more like a monument, either way, it clearly states Wilhelm.

At that exact moment the ground starts vibrating, the heavy stone covering the grave is moved to the side and a high-pitched scream leaves my mouth. A man with a familiar with mask hurries me inside and one moment later we have both vanished back into the grave. “Don’t you need to see my invitation?” I ask the servant. “There are not many people in dresses at this graveyards for other reasons. Plus, I remember you from last time. Please put on your mask and follow me,” he says in his monotone voice. Without saying anything I attach the golden mask to my face and follow him down a long narrow corridor of which there is no end in sight. During our, what seems like an endless walk, he explains I’m about to enter one of the oldest, still exciting, underground locations in the country. A place designed specifically for the rich and famous to hide their deeds for centuries. “Especially during the war, the parties were able to continue here. No one would look for the living amongst the dead,” he explains and opens a small wooden door at the end of the corridor. Blinded by the light, I step through it and truly feel like Alice entering Wonderland.

My eyes need a moment to adjust but as soon as they do I am amazed by what I see. A large living room that would make one forget we are underground. Besides the tasteful interior, there are windows present behind which the illusion of an outside world is present on screens. The feeling is bizarre. “Well, hello again,” I hear and feel a hand gently sliding over my hip. The sight of the familiar mask makes me smile and hormones start rushing through my body. Instantly I am not sure what excites me more, seeing him or the unpredictable party I am at. Likely the combination of both. “How did you recognize me so quickly?”, I laugh. “It’s that amazing jawline of yours,” he answers and slowly runs his finger over it. “Follow me. I have found something that will blow your mind,” he says, firmly grabs my hand and starts walking.

We are surrounded by naked dancing bodies but upon closer look, there is much more happening than just that.

Slowly the sophisticated atmosphere changes into a dark one when we walk through a maze of corridors and end in a room that due to its grey concrete walls has the feeling of a bunker. “You have to take off your dress,” he says pragmatically and points to a counter in the corner of the room. It looks like a coat check. And just like I would take of my jacket, I take off the dress and hand it to the man in the latex morph suit behind the counter. Without saying anything he grabs my arm and stamps the numbers “097” on it. Corresponding to the tag on my dress. This is impossible to lose. In this setting, our faces are our most intimate part of our bodies and remain covered with our intriguing masks. We make our way to a big metal door, which looks like a vault could be hiding behind it.

As soon as it opens heat and loud music escape from behind its protective thickness. The music is dark and deep, urging to forget about any sophistication. “After you,” he says while he holds the heavy metal door. With pounding heart, I walk into the heat and immediately the surrounding moisture sets on my skin. We are surrounded by naked dancing bodies but upon closer look, there is much more happening than just that. On the right, there are three women hanging with their wrist attached to shackles, are hanging from the ceiling. Occasionally being spanked by people passing by, reminding them they are alive. Many people are wearing ball gags, nipple clamps, and strap-ons – some on their heads. It feels like I am lacking oxygen and I breathe in deeply to compensate. While I try to focus on my breathing, I let my gaze fall to the floor and get straddled for the third time this evening. Through the glass floor, I am staring right into the eyes of one of the dozen people trapped under it. 

“Then let me fuck the last innocence out of you”, he whispers aggressively

After my first experience, I thought I was prepared for being unprepared but I have truly been caught by surprise. To the delight of my friend who is feeding on my regained innocence and is unable to hide it beneath any layers of clothes. In the middle of the dancing and fucking crowd he moves close behind me and positions his mouth next to my ear. “Do you trust me?” he asks, just loud enough for me to distinguish between the surrounding noises. While his moist skin is rubbing against mine and two women in front of me are hissing loudly at each other, I give my consent with a short nod. “Then let me fuck the last innocence out of you”, he whispers aggressively, while he lets his hand move up the front of my body like a snake. When his hand reaches my nipple, he squeezes it – hard. The high pitch of my scream seems to please a woman hissing in from of me, who is encouraging what is happening by hissing even louder and more aggressively. Her eyes stare wildly into mine, demanding me to surrender to what is happening. His hand continues to move upwards feeling the flesh under my skin. He reaches my neck, grabbing it, scratching it. The thought of being under the ground with the dead is starting to exhilarate me and creates an unimaginable edge to the whole situation. His other hand is moving up my spine and halfway upwards suddenly pushes my whole torso horizontally, forcing me to look at the creatures trapped under the floor. The nerve endings in my ass are being woken up by the palm of his hand clashing with them and create an adrenaline rush through my whole body. Again, and again. Harder each time. He starts to explore the crack of my ass with his finger and slowly lets the tip vanish into the whole. Investigating its tightness. My eyes are wide open and I can feel the pounding of my heart in every part of my body. The last of my innocence will be lost in at any moment.

To be continued…

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