The sounds you make during sex don’t say anything about your pleasure!

The sounds you make during sex don’t say anything about your pleasure!

By Janna, 18.04.2024

A common misunderstanding in relationships, or with informal dates, is that, if you’re not making much noise during sex, you’re probably not enjoying it. In reality, what’s more important is that there’s a clear communication with your partner and that you make clear to them how turned-on you are. If you don’t make a sound when having an orgasm, this can well be a clear sign that you and your body are fully present in the moment.

Here are just a few reasons why being quiet during sex doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not enjoying yourself!

Read my body language

Simply looking at each other and maintaining eye contact can be very thrilling – accompanying sounds aren’t absolutely necessary. Seriously, you should try it. By quietly concentrating on each other and maintaining eye contact during sex, you establish an intense connection that expands the sexual experience. It gives a sense of deep connection and intimacy, where you can both read each other’s desires and arousal without needing any words.

Choose your words carefully

Okay, in this case, you’re not completely quiet, but there’s really no need for excessive moaning and groaning either. If you use a word here and there to indicate pleasure or pain, this can be beneficial to the intimacy in your relationship. You can help guide your partner’s hands (or tongue) to guarantee maximal pleasure.

Focus on how you feel

When The Archives of Sexual Behaviour conducted a research, they asked 71 heterosexual women (in the age range of 18 to 48) how much noise they make during sex. Surprisingly enough, no less than 87% of them said that they were louder to boost their male partner’s self-confidence. This really highlights how sound during sex can mean more than just having fun; it can also be a way to reassure your partner and boost their self-confidence.

Have sex whenever you want

Silent sex is convenient especially if you live with a roommate or in situations like spending the weekend with your parents together. The pressure of not getting caught can even add to the excitement and intensify both your orgasms. Better think again though if you’re staying in a squeaky bed.

Silent sex can be incredibly thrilling! And if you make little or no noise during sex, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you experience little or no pleasure. Never think that you have to exaggerate for someone else’s benefit. Nothing wrong with staying true to yourself and doing what feels right in the moment!

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