Massage 101
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Massage 101

By Emmeline Peaches, 30.11.2020

Over 5000 years ago some smart individual decided to combine oil with skin and massage was officially born, and (ever since) we’ve been using it for sex. Mind you, we can hardly be blamed…

Massage was first documented in Egyptian and Chinese culture and was considered a system of natural healing in the Aryuvedic practice of early Hinduism and (as we’ve previously discussed) those guys knew a thing or two about sexual prowess. 

Massage and its place in society may have changed over the years, but its benefits haven’t. Massage is associated with the following medical benefits:

Reduced muscle tension.

Improved circulation.

Stress reduction.


Increased joint mobility.

All of which, we think you’ll agree, have very clear benefits during sex.

…Now, let’s make sure you can bring some of those benefits to your love life…

What You’ll Need

A good massage session relies on a few key supplies, of which you massage oil is one of the most important. 

If you select an oil such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, or grape seed oil then you’ll be able to combine it with a few drops of an appropriate essential oil for its aromatherapy benefits. 

The essential oil you select as your complement will depend on your intentions:

Want to relax someone? Try lavender or Clary Sage. 

Hoping to energize them? Orange, mint, or cinnamon should do the trick.

Hoping to soothe their skin? Tea tree oil works a treat (don’ use too much of it though!)

When selecting a base oil you’ll also want to consider how it handles. Coconut oil is smooth on the skin, but is solid at room temperature – it’s only when making contact with the human body (or when heated gently) that it will melt. This makes mixing it tad more troublesome. 

If you’re unsure of how much essential oil to use, too, then there are some pre-made massage oils for sexual use, even ones that start as soy candles and can be warmed into a soothing, skin-stroking treat.

As well as your oils you’ll also need the following:



A suitable area to lie.

You may also want to prep for a shower afterwards, if you or your partner/s dislike being messy, and it pays to do a small spot check of the oil on your skins before using it in play. Skin irritation is a real mood killer. 

Set the Mood

Speaking of candles, a dim room with candle light or coloured dim lighting does wonders for a massage session. 

Make sure you select a relaxing music playlist on Youtube, iTunes, or Spotify and have your home warm but not sweltering. 

Lay out all the appropriate towels and pillows in a comfortable position for the session and invite your partner/s for the perfect massage session, ambiance and all. 

How to Start

Preparing for massage and actually giving one are two very different things, and many people feel awkward when starting a massage (or receiving one for that matter). 

For that reason it’s best to ease in gently and progress from there.

Start with a massage that is helpful and familiar; a back massage is always a good go-to or a shoulder one. We naturally carry a lot of tension in these areas from the pressures of daily life, so most people will welcome a massage to these areas. 

Alternatively, if you’re hoping for something more tender, you can go for a hand massage. This is another place that holds a lot of pressure, though it’s not as obvious to most of us. 

The extra benefit of a hand massage is that, once oiled, hands can easily travel to more intimate parts (and are mutually pre-lubricated).

Once you’ve established the first steps of a massage the rest comes naturally. Torso, upper thighs, posterior, clavicle, nipples; all are areas you can either gently tease or offer a deep, soothing massage to as you ease into the experience together. 

Just be sure to focus a fair amount of time on those core, large areas – the shoulders, in particular. By easing out the natural tension of daily living you’ll both be refreshed and free for more intimate activities…


Once you get more confident with massage then it’s time to get experimental. Look into known pressure points; practice feeling for knots in the muscle fibres and easing them out; try applying pressure on the ‘third eye’ for 60 seconds or so; there’s endless potential.

But, for now, we hope these few tips are able to aid you in your exploration.

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