Erotic Story: Best friends
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Best friends

By Yentl, 27.06.2024

Jane looks at me with a smile, and takes a sip of her wine. It is girls night and a few minutes later Rachel and Megan arrive. It’s been a long time since we got together with the four of us. I don’t really know why, but there’s a certain tension in the air. Or maybe it’s me, maybe I’m the only one who feels it. My gut is telling me that this could become a night to remember. 

I’m downing my glass of wine when the doorbell rings. Jane gets up and walks to the hall to welcome the girls. Chatter immediately fills the hallway and I can’t suppress a smile. I’ve missed this so much. I’ve missed them. 

They enter the living room chatting and laughing. I get up and give them both a big hug. The smell of perfume gently enters my nose. 

‘Did you bring something?,’ I ask, pointing to the small bag Rachel’s holding. 

She instantly bursts into laughter. I know that sound, she always laughs like this when she’s up to something. 

‘What is it?,’ I ask as I try to grab the bag from her. 

‘Something we could all use.’ She winks. 

My head immediately starts to rattle and my eyes dart from Rachel to Megan who playfully sucks in her lower lip. Is it going to be an evening like that? It’s been at least five years since we last experimented together. In the meantime, we’ve all had serious relationships and during those relationships we’ve always kept things decent. We’ve all become single recently, and I have to admit that I could use some excitement. 

Jane walks into the living room with a bottle of wine. 

‘We have a surprise for you,’ she says in a gentle voice. 

I look at them questioningly. 

‘Come on, you needed time to heal your heart and we know that you haven’t seen any action for a while now.’

I laugh. 

‘Who says I don’t take care of myself every now and then?’

‘Oh,’ Rachel smiles, ‘I’m sure you do, but wouldn’t it be good to get some real action?’ 

She digs into the bag and takes out a dildo that looks exactly like a real cock. Veins and all. It’s big, bigger than I would have picked and just seeing it makes my insides contract. 

She throws it in my direction and I just manage to catch it. Then her hand disappears into the bag again and she takes out a small vibrating toy. It’s purple and kind of cute. It looks like a bunny, and the tips of its ears start vibrating violently as soon as you push the button. 

‘Shit,’ I grin when I press one of the vibrating ends against my fingertip, ‘this thing could probably burn off your clit.’

All four of us start laughing.

‘So, are these presents for me or something?’

‘No, silly,’ says Rachel and she strokes a strand of hair from my face. ‘These are mine, but I brought them for you, for tonight.’

Her touch makes my body get hot and as I see Jane take a step into my direction, all my blood seems to rush to one place; there. Between my legs. 

I swallow hard and let it happen. They are right. I didn’t know it was even an option, but why should we stop experimenting? 

I manage to put a smile on my face and fall back onto the couch. 

Within a few seconds, I feel Megan touching my arm. She softly runs her fingertips over my skin. It tingles. 

‘Surrender,’ Rachel whispers in my ear. 

I look at her and let her press a kiss on my mouth. Tension explodes through my body. A touch, it’s been such a long time ago. 

Then I feel her tongue, soft and wet against my lips. I gently open my mouth to welcome it. 

As our tongues dance together, I feel hands on my pants. I open my eyes and look down. Jane has unbuttoned them and her fingers are curled around the edge of my pants. With soft movements she pulls them down. I lift my butt from the couch to give her a bit more room. At the same time, Megan’s hands have found the bottom of my top and she pulls it up laughing, until I pull away from Rachel’s kiss and raise my hands to slide the piece of fabric over my head. 

In anticipation, a moan escapes my lips. I throw my legs in the air and Jane pulls my pants over my ankles. Then she firmly takes hold of my thong and pulls that off too. Here I am, lying between my friends in just my bra. 

My eyes dart back and forth between their gazes. All eyes are on me. It makes me horny as hell. 

I feel it getting wetter between my legs and my nipples are poking hard against the fabric of my bra. Almost begging to be set free. To give a hint, I push my back from the couch and turn it toward Rachel. Without further instruction, she unhooks my bra. 

‘I forgot how beautiful you are,’ Jane says as soon as I lie naked and vulnerable on the couch. 

I pant excitedly, eager for the touches to come. 

Rachel gently grabs my nipple and kisses my neck. Megan sinks down slightly and puts her lips around my other nipple. Jesus, the sensation. 

I feel fingers tickling my groin. Red hot, thrilling and maddening fingers. I press my lower body up from the couch, eager for touch. Megan sucks my nipple, while my other nipple is being twisted between Rachel’s fingers. It’s the perfect combination of pain and pleasure. They know me too well. 

Rachel moans into my mouth to the rhythm of her rounds. Suddenly, they stop and look at each other, as if waiting for each other’s approval. Then they look at me.

‘Are you ready for it?’

Jane holds up the giant dildo between my legs and then puts it in her mouth to get it wet. She bends over and under the watchful eyes of her three best friends, she presses her tongue firmly and purposefully against my clit. 

My body shivers at the first touch and it feels like I’m almost exploding, the sensation is so intense. 

With a wet, flat tongue she slides firmly through my labia towards my entrance. Once there, she makes it extra wet and then presses the tip of her tongue inside. 

Whimpering, I let her know how good it feels. 

Then she sits up straight, carefully wipes the corners of her mouth with her finger and looks straight at me. 

I nod gently in approval and let my legs fall open further. 

Megan grips my breast so tightly it almost feels like I’m having a mammogram. I moan loudly and do my best to relax. Rachel sits on her knees and bends over towards my heat. 

Jane laughs and presses the tip of the dildo against my opening. 

I sigh deeply and have lost all control, I’m handing it all over now. 

‘Please,’ I whisper out of breath. 

Then she pushes it in, as far as my body allows. She takes in the scene and starts moving the dildo back and forth. Meanwhile, Megan massages my breast and kisses me passionately. Rachel bends even further down and even though I have my eyes closed, I know that it’s her tongue that I feel against my clit.

Rachel licks so fucking good. 

The dildo goes deeper and harder, back and forth. With her free hand Jane takes care of my behind, and she gently presses a wet finger a little inside my back hole. Raw and so hot. 

Here I am. All spots longing to be touched are taken care of. The dildo sliding in and out of me over and over again, Megan’s tongue in my mouth, her hand filled with my breast, Rachel’s tongue firm against my clit, and Jane’s finger teasing my back hole.

My nails are buried deep into the couch, but I just manage to find the strength to grab the purple toy. I place my free nipple between the bunny ears and then press the button. 

My throat hurts and I think I’ve never moaned so loudly before. All the touches, our sounds, the smell of my sex. 

Fuck, it’s so good to have best friends.

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