Should You Get Behind Anal Sex?
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Should You Get Behind Anal Sex?

By Emmeline Peaches, 27.01.2021

If there is any orifice in the human body that has been marred with sexual controversy, it’s the posterior. 

Anal sex both fascinates and horrifies. It is glorified and vilified. Loved and loathed. 

For some, anal sex is the epitome of sexual gratification. For others, it is still used hatefully alongside discriminatory slurs or messages of shame. 

Hate is a regrettable thing. But we’re here to tell you that anal sex is actually pretty damned awesome and totally worth getting behind (with a strong emphasis on the practical implications of that pun). 

Need some convincing? Here are some reasons why anal is worth considering (and some top tips to go alongside each point).

Case #1: The P-Spot is a Thing

Yes, male-bodied people, the P-Spot does exist, and your prostate has some surprises in store for you. 

The prostate is a handy dandy little thing that produces seminal fluid and propels semen at the point of ejaculation. In order to do that, it has a lot of force around it and tends to become spasmatic and highly sensitive at the point of climax.

By adding pressure to the P-Spot at the point of climax you’re basically turbo charging your orgasm and every sensation attached to it. Some even consider a P-Spot orgasm to be one of the best you can have. Hey, the don’t call it the “male G-spot” for no reason.

Top Tip: The P-Spot is best reached with a curvature, either through fingers or toys. If using toys, aim for a bulbous and firm head to really give the P-Spot some action. If using fingers, experiment with releasing pressure at climax or adding pressure. The orgasm will vary depending on the stimulation, rhythm, and pretty much any other element. There’s a whole world of potential!

Case #2: It’s in the Rim

The rim of the posterior is also full of potential when it comes to sensations. The rim of the posterior acts as an erogenous zone and fires off a lot of sensation when stimulated. 

This is, in part, due to the physical sensation, but also the mental element. Rim jobs are still, to some degree, a societal taboo and crossing that boundary is sure to send the heart racing. 

Top Tip: Rim stimulation can be achieved in a variety of ways. Anal beads are a very good bet. As is oral sex. 

You can also combine rim stimulation with other sex acts (such as a rim job and a finger/hand job) to merge pleasure points. Which leads us nicely into our next case….

Case #3: Blended Orgasms are a Thing…

…And they can be easily achieved if you’re engaging in some form of anal play alongside another sex act. 

We’ll be honest here – not everyone likes blended orgasms. They are, in many ways, overpowering and immense. In the grips of a blended orgasm it’s hard to figure out just where to focus your attention; as every aspect of your erogenous lower zones is just bursting with energy. 

Then again, the toe-curling, mind-blowing aspect of blended orgasms is why many people find them irresistible, so why not see what can be done next time you play by adding some anal fun?

Top Tip: Butt plugs come in very handy for when you need to keep yourself a bit more ‘hands-free’ and are aiming for a blended experience. 

It pays to invest in one that sits quite comfortably independently, has a solid base, and can potentially be gripped and pulled out at climax point for additional experimentation in experiences. 

Finger action combined with oral sex also works very well too. As does penetration with a toy. 

Case # 4: It Can Flip the Power Dynamic

We’re talking strap-ons. All genders. The option to decide who is going to ‘top’.

I pretty much any relationship and body pairing, adding anal sex and a strap on product (or anal play) allows the option for you to take turns and decide who is going to ‘top’ for the session. 

And, as we all know, being on top and being the one doing the ‘penetrating’ can afford a lot of mental stimulation in terms of power dynamics. The idea of ‘taking charge’ is something that naturally comes into play with whoever decides to lead the motion of lovemaking, and often that will work in tandem with penetrative acts. 

Anal play with strap-ons is the perfect way to see if this is the case for you, and offer opportunities to flip dynamics whenever you wish. 

Top Tips: If you’re new to anal and.or strap-on play, it’s recommend you start with either a small toy or one that you’re used to. Yes, you may be familiar with your toy, your rear, or both, but this is a new way to play, and it pays to play it safe. 

So There You Have It!

We hope we have convinced you that anal sex has a lot of potential, and is certainly worth giving a go!

If you do decide to engage in anal play we only have one last tip for you – Lube. Lot’s of it. Trust us here, you’ll be grateful for it!

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