The best way to foreplay – Straight couple edition
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The best way to foreplay – Straight couple edition

By Sabine, 03.05.2021

When straight people have sex their focus is mostly on the penetration and the climax. That is such a waste, because there’s so much more to enjoy. The fun starts with sexy foreplay! 

1. How to prep

Are you planning to have steamy sex tonight? It’s a good idea to take some time for the right preparations. Take a long shower, wear some new lingerie or buy new perfume. Put some music on and light a few candles.

2. How to undress

You can start the foreplay with your clothes on ofcourse, but it’s nice to think about how to undress. Which way is the most sexy way? You can choose to undress each other, or to undress yourselves. What do you prefer? What are you most comfortable with? To keep the right mood you should undress slowly and at the right pace.

3. How to Caress and massage

Giving a massage or fondling and caressing each other will help you heighten the mood. You will be more relaxed and it helps build up the touching. Our tip: use massage oil! 

4. How to kiss

Sex often starts with kissing, making out, but we tend to keep it a mouth game, that’s a real shame. You can kiss each other all over the body. Think of all the erogenous zones! Like the thighs, the neck, the ears, even the fingers! Just really spoil each other. 

5. How to tease

Teasing will keep things exciting. Use body language and build tension. Provoke your partner by kissing them and stop when they are getting hot. You can do the same with touching. It will increase your lust for each other. 

6. How to talk

Your sexy acts are not the only incentives for hot foreplay. Your words can do magic too. Is horny sex your thing? Try dirty talk! You have to check out what works for your partner though.

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