Erotic Story: A mesmerizing massage – part 2
Erotic story

Erotic Story: A mesmerizing massage – part 2

By Annabel, 13.06.2024

Slightly tense, Gemma opens the bedroom door. Mike is lying on the bed, bare-chested, reading a book with his reading glasses on. Sexy. Gemma bites her lower lip, maybe the adventure with Rabia, the masseuse, was a mistake after all…

“Hey babe,” he says, looking up at her tenderly. She greets him and goes to the bathroom to change into her PJ’s. The set has an elegant leopard print, and isn’t sleazy. Well, maybe a little, but she also knows that Mike secretly likes that very much. She sits on the bed next to him and Mike immediately puts away his book.

“My little tiger,” he says seductively kissing Gemma fiercely on her neck, and she feels a wave of guilt run through her. She enjoys his touch, but can’t get the thoughts of Rabia out of her mind. Her heart’s pounding in her chest as she tries to decide whether to tell Mike about her adventure. Then he pulls down the blanket a little further and moves down her body, just like Rabia did. For a moment, Gemma forgets about Rabia and she playfully grabs Mike’s hair. She urges him to come up and their tongues find each other.

“I really want you inside me,” Gemma whispers. Mike obeys and Gemma feels his throbbing erection entering her. A small shock runs through her body, that’s the moment she always enjoys most, the moment she feels him penetrate her. Mike thrusts deeply and Gemma moans loudly. This is such a unique feeling, something nobody else can do to her. She skillfully places her legs on his shoulders, so he can penetrate even deeper. He hits exactly the right spot this way.

“Grab me,” Gemma orders. Mike knows what she means and places his sizable manly hand around her throat, just tight enough so she can still breathe. As Mike places his hand firmly around Gemma’s throat, she feels a mix of excitement and fear course through her. Her heart beats wildly in her chest as she surrenders to the sensations Mike is evoking. His touches are rough but loving at the same time and Gemma can’t do anything but completely surrender to him.

With each thrust Gemma feels her arousal swelling, her body responding to his touches with an intense desire for more. She moans loudly as Mike takes her deep and hard, her body shaking with pleasure under his powerful movements. The feeling of his erection deep inside her, combined with the pressure of his hand on her throat, brings her to the edge of ecstasy.

“Harder,” Gemma whispers, her voice hoarse with desire. Mike obeys immediately, his thrusts getting wilder and more intense, his hand tightening around her throat. Gemma feels her orgasm approaching, and a wave of pleasure washes over her, making her body tremble in ecstasy.

With a loud moan, Gemma reaches climax, her body still shaking with pleasure as she lets the sensations wash over her. She wants to return the favor and dives under the blanket to find his hard-on. She takes his cock in her mouth and at the same time her hand finds his balls. She sucks him hard and he’s moaning too now.

“Already …” he stammers and Gemma takes the hint that he’s about to come. “I want inside you,” he says. Gemma comes out from under the covers and she deftly sits on his cock. Her eyes roll; that heavenly feeling again. 

He grabs her breasts and grins. “Tiger…” Then he looks away and opens his mouth as he realizes his orgasm is there. Gemma feels his heat inside of her and smiles. Her Mike.

As the flame of their passion slowly fades, Gemma and Mike lie close together, their bodies still panting from the intensity of their lovemaking. But Gemma still feels the urge to confess. Whether this is the right time or not, Mike needs to hear about the most beautiful woman Gemma’s ever seen.

“Mike, something happened at the massage parlor,” she starts hesitantly.

“Where you just came from?”

“Yes… Rabia’s her name.”


“We kissed.”

“Her?,” he asks again.

“Yes, her. I think she may be the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I think you would feel the same,” Gemma rambles on.

“Just kissing?”

“And she fingered and licked me. I don’t know … I’m sorry, Mike.” He is quiet, and then he says: “describe what happened.”

“Well,” Gemma starts, surprised, “I was on the massage table and she slowly moved down my body. Then she ran her tongue over my clit and put her finger in my wet pussy.”

“Like this?,” Mike asks, as he puts his finger inside her. She’s wet again.

“Yes,” Gemma gasps.

“Describe Rabia,” he commands her.

“She had dark curls, long lashes, and her lips were so luscious and soft,” Gemma describes. “She had something oriental about her, an exotic beauty. I was actually mesmerized from the moment I saw her.”

Mike listens attentively, at the same time busy with fingering her. And as Gemma shares her experience with Rabia with him, his touches are filled with understanding and love. How does he react this way? It’s the best possible outcome. Working her towards a second orgasm, he’s turned on listening to her thrilling adventure. He understands her struggle, her desire for adventure and passion, even if it meant her jeopardizing their relationship. Gemma comes again.

“You’re such an easy girl,” Mike teases her. “And what do you want now?”

“Be with you,” she whispers, her voice filled with love and longing. “You’re still it.”

“You do owe me”, Mike says seriously. 

“Yes… Do with me what you want, or I’ll give you anything you want,” Gemma promises. 

“I would like to meet her. I’ll think about what I want to do with you both.”

Gemma looks at Mike in surprise. She didn’t expect him to react like this. A sense of relief, but also a hint of horniness, comes over her. 

“Really?,” she asks with a smile as she playfully kisses his mouth.

“Really,” Mike confirms, kissing her back. “Now it’s my turns again,” and then he grabs Gemma’s breasts, causing her to let out a little squeal.

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