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Tips for Giving an Erotic Massage

In this article we give you some tips for giving an Erotic Massage! An Erotic Massage is a great way to spice things up in the evening with your partner. Are you ready?

We are huge fans of massages in general – but they get even better when you add an erotic component to them. Massages relax the body, stimulate blood flow, and can be a great way to connect with a partner on a sensual level. Especially an erotic massage.

If you’re planning on giving an erotic massage, read our tips! Or better yet, send these tips to your partner so you can benefit from them too.

#1. Set the Mood

First things first, set the mood. Massages can be set up in almost any room, but there is an added sensuality to it when the atmosphere has been considered. Choose a quiet, comfortable place that has no risk of people knocking on the door. Set out nice sheets or blankets and pillows for your partner to relax on. Candles and a nice diffused aroma aren’t necessary, but they can add to the romance.

Put away your cell phones, close the curtains, and focus on being calm and comfortable.

#2. Use Massage Oil

Not everyone enjoys massage oils, but they can be quite a wonderful addition to an erotic massage. The oils can help warm up the muscles as well as let hands glide over the body smoothly.

Some massage oils can also double as a lubricant so you can easily take your massage to the next level.

Test the oil

Always test out the oil or lubricant on a hand or arm before getting it all over the body. Leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes to see if there is any allergic reaction, especially if your partner has sensitive skin. You can either test out the massage oil prior to the massage, or you can perform a dry massage while waiting.

#3. Get Naked, Too

The person receiving the erotic massage will most likely be naked or near naked. The person giving the erotic massage should be in the same amount (or lack) of clothing. Not only will it help the receiver feel more comfortable if both people are naked – it is super sexy to feel each other’s skin throughout the massage instead of clothing.

For maximum skin contact, the massage giver can mount the massage receiver – straddle them so you have good, symmetrical access to their bodies.

#4. Perfect Your Technique

You do not have to be a massage pro to give an excellent erotic massage. Start massaging gently to warm up their muscles and gradually increase the pressure based on the ‘ooooohs’ and ‘aaaaahhhs’ of your partner. You want to focus on massaging the muscles not the bones (like the spine), and focus on following the flow of the muscles, not against them.

Ask your partner to verbalize what they are enjoying. You can’t read their mind, so follow their pleasure cues and ask them for guidance.

We have a bunch of amazing massage videos. Have you seen them yet? A great way to gain some erotic inspiration!

#5. Erotic Massage Everywhere

Even though it is an erotic massage, you don’t need to focus on the genitals. There are plenty of other erogenous zones that can benefit from some attention. Everything from the scalp to the inside of the elbows and knees can feel incredibly pleasurable. Try massaging the back of the neck, hands, thighs, and any other part of the body that misses out on attention during a quickie.

#6. Hold Off On Sex

Resist the urge to rush into anything too sexual. A massage is not supposed to be a quick foreplay to sex. The massage is supposed to be a nice moment in itself as well as a long, drawn out foreplay.


Touch your partner slowly, and tease them with anticipation. Massage the upper inner thigh with a few grazes here and there, but don’t rush into turning the massage into a sex session.

Your partner will be more relaxed with a longer massage session and there will a higher level of sexual tension with a drawn out erotic massage.

#7. Get Consent

Not everyone expects a massage to lead into intercourse, so make sure to get consent before turning a massage into an erotic one.

#8. Don’t Expect Reciprocation

After receiving a massage, it is unlikely your partner will want to get straight to work massaging you. They will want to relax and enjoy how amazing they feel. Don’t expect immediate reciprocation. This doesn’t mean they won’t pay the same attention to your body later on, it just means to let them enjoy the post-massage.

Do you have more tips for giving an erotic massage? Let us know over on Twitter and we will share the best tips !

Have you seen our videos on couples enjoying erotic massages? You can enjoy those HERE.

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