Erotic Story: Juicy dinner
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Juicy dinner

By Yentl, 11.07.2024

‘Babe, I’m home!’ I turn towards the sound and see Rick coming through the door with a broad smile on his face. 

Hey handsome, did you have a good day at work?’

He wraps his arm around me and kisses me gently on my lips. ‘Sure, you too?’ I nod in confirmation. ‘This all looks delicious, and the food too,’ he jokes. I playfully slap his arm and grab the spoon to stir the pan.

‘I mean it,’ he whispers in my ear as he wraps his arm around my waist en presses his warm body against my back. ‘I’ve been thinking about you today.’

‘Oh really?’ I ask in a curious tone as I turn around. ‘About what?’

‘Funnily enough, about this exact moment.’ His gaze is intense and his dark-green eyes seem to be looking deep into my core. I know that look. Without words I know what he’s been thinking about all day. He is turned on. ‘You really look way too hot.’ He looks at the thin fabric of the dress I put on after I got out of the shower. It dances softly around my skin and feels wonderfully free. He runs his fingertips along my face, my jawline, brushes a strand of hair from my face and then drops his hand. He presses it firmly against my bare thigh and lets it slide upwards.

His touch has instantly put my body on edge. With a sigh, I look down and see my nipples protruding. A satisfied smile appears on his face, he looks way too proud, actually. ‘Do you like it?’ He bends over slightly, puts his teeth into the thin fabric and takes one of my nipples between them. Waves of pure pleasure and arousal mercilessly shoot through my body and I let my head drop back a little.

‘I really have to watch the food, or it’ll burn.’ He starts laughing mischievously. ‘Are you really only thinking about food right now?’ I shake my head smiling. ‘Of course not, but don’t you want to know what we’re going to eat?’ He stands tall, looks over my shoulder into the pan and then brings his mouth close to my ear. ‘I know what I’m going to eat: you.’ His breath caresses my earlobe and I instantly feel my knees going week. Somewhere on my back I feel the heat coming off the boiling pans.

‘Wait,’ I whispers softly against his neck. I turn around and turn down the heat under the pans, give them a good stir and then turn back to him. His gaze is still intense. 

‘Turn around, I want to take a good look at your butt cheeks.’ I smile and obediently do what he asks. I place my forearms on the counter and push my butt his way. 

Without looking back, I know that my dress only just covers my butt this way. I feel one of his fingers softly running along my skin as he agonizingly slowly pushes up my dress. 

‘Hmm,’ he groans when my butt comes into view. He fills his hand and gently starts to squeeze. I lean more firmly against the counter and do my best to keep control of my body. ‘How come your ass is so delicious?’ I laugh nervously and push it a little further his way.

‘You really drive me crazy.’

He gets down on his knees behind me, fills both hands with my buttocks and starts spreading kisses on them. Every now and then I feel his tongue sliding on my skin and then he goes back to firm squeezing. It’s an arousing scene and my nipples are so hard by now that they almost painfully rub against my dress.

‘Now who’s cooking dinner without any underwear?,’ he mumbles against my skin. I grin mischievously, stand up straight and turn around. I look at him, sucking my bottom lip. He laughs, throws the fabric of my dress up in the air and sticks his head under it. A loud groan echoes through the kitchen when his tongue reaches my groin. The warm, wet touch… I want him.

Just when I want to spread my legs further apart, his head reappears and stands up. He presses his body tightly against mine and I feel his boner poking through his pants. I’m not the only one ready to go. I eagerly throw my arms around his neck, let him lift me up and cross my legs around his waist, assuming that he wants to put me on the counter. But instead, he carries me to the half-set dining table and lowers my butt on the edge.

‘Enjoy,’ he says intensely, ‘I’m sure going to.’ He grabs a chair, slides it under his butt and sits at the table. He takes hold of my hips and pulls me a little closer to the edge of the table. He places my feet on his knees, which he pushes further apart. Then he lifts up my dress and looks at the spot between my legs. I feel naked, vulnerable, but so intensely turned on.

With his hand on my stomach, he pushes me back and forces me to lean on my elbows and relax half-lying on the dining table. He’s going to eat me like I was served to him and I can’t wait for him to touch me. I feel his thumbs pressed against my labia as he carefully pulls them slightly apart. His head disappears between my legs and my body shivers when I feel his warm wet tongue against my heat. He licks me with firm strokes and moans with every drop he’s lapping up. 

I curl my hands around the edge of the table, looking for some support. My core is hot, I’m on fire.  His tongue is so intense, moving in a rhythm I can’t make head nor tails of and it drives me wild. Each time I think I’m almost there, he pulls back. Only to start again when my body’s cooled down a little.

The tension is running high in no time and I feel my legs turn to Jell-O more with every attempt. I have no idea how long I can keep this up. Whimpering I indicate that I’m almost there. Again he stops and starts chuckling softly. ‘I know, that’s the plan.’


‘I want to eat you as long as possible. I will only let you come when you don’t know where to look.’

His words dance through my head, I close my eyes and try to just let it all happen. My nipples are still poking hard against my dress and I carefully pull one side down a little to get more air. The tense air seems to dance around my bare nipple, only intensifying things more.

And again I feel the heat burning deep inside, my body preparing for the umpteenth time not to burst, my breath out of control. I feel little drops of sweat running along my hairline and I suddenly see my chest glistening. I’ve never sweat like this before, never pushed my body so hard.

‘Please, I can’t take it anymore,’ I manage to get out, moaning in fits and starts. He digs his nails deep into my thighs, I feel light-headed, I’m getting dizzy and quickly close my eyes. All my muscles seem to focus on one particular spot, all my blood seems to be flowing in that direction. Sounds I’ve never produced before are coming out of my mouth and just when I think that he’s going to pull back for the umpteenth time, I’m overcome by an orgasmic wave. In convulsing movements my body thumps on the table and I cum on his tongue. 

My throat hurts from all the panting and he looks at me with a satisfied face. ‘Well, I guess you enjoyed it too.’ I nod, totally out of breath, and then let my back rest on the table. My legs feel weak and my clit over-sensitive. Even the little bit of air that brushed against it when he took down my dress again gave me tingles.

I’m still trying to gather my strength, but he’s already gone over to the pans.

‘Delicious honey, it looks really delicious.’

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