Cool Sex in the Hot Summer

Sex in the summer can be pretty warm. And what’s better than staying cool during your hot moments?! It is definitely getting hot out there! Summer brings lighter clothing, more iced ...

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Banana with milk on table

How to sweeten up his sperm

It might be your favorite thing to do or maybe it’s just something you do for him, anyhow, we all do it;  the blow job. Whether you absolutely love it ...

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Lover horoscope

How Your Horoscopes Affect Your Sex Life (Answer: They Don’t…Unless You Want Them Too)

Horoscopes are a good bit of fun. Surmised in ancient history by the Babylonians (and many other cultures), humans have been practicing the alignment of temperament, personality, and future prospects ...

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Man and woman

How to Discuss Polyamory With Your Partner

Polyamory can be a difficult subject to approach, especially if you are currently in a monogamous relationship. Polyamory can be a difficult subject to approach, especially if you are currently ...

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8 Reasons To Use Lubricant

Change your sex life for the best. Lubricant seems to have a bad name. It is often portrayed in movies and other media to be necessary when something is ...

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Man holding womans neck

Domination for dummies; how to call on your dominant side

In many BDSM relationships a dom/sub relation exists; one person is dominant, while the other is submissive. Even in ‘regular’ relationships one person tends to be more dominant than the ...

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Man with woman on his lap

5 Role-Playing Scenes You Should Try

Whether you play the local police officer who handcuffs the thief, or having an one-night stand as total strangers; you can choose whoever you want to be. Just wait and ...

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Couple happy in bed

Why make-up sex is the best sex

All relationships go through the famous lovers quarrels. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Having a fight from time to time is healthy. You know it was all worth it ...

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Outdoor sex picture DUSK

How to have divine outdoor sex

The sun is shining and the temperature is perfect for spending your days outside. Is it your thing to take long walks in the park or the woods? We don’t ...

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Man and woman watching porn

How To Introduce Porn Into Your Relationship

8 steps to introduce porn into your relationship We think that porn is pretty fun to watch! We think it is SO fun that we kind of made it ...

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A man in bed with his hands on his penis

Slowing down the penis’ orgasm

The speed of an orgasm is a little bit like the size of the penis – irrelevant, but focused upon by society. If everyone involved is satisfied during a sexy ...

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