Master of the Cane: Impact Play and Its Appeal

Master of the Cane: Impact Play and Its Appeal

By Emmeline Peaches, 27.05.2019

After a cheeky remark, a mischievous glint shot across the eyes of Jody’s playmate which made their genitals twinge with delight and their heart beat just a little faster.

Already anticipating what was to come and eager to please, Jody bent themselves forward on to the side of the bed and presented their bare and exposed posterior.

A hand stroked the surface of their left cheek caringly, sending a tingle down their spine before suddenly, after a smooth “I hope you’re ready for this” Jody felt the divine sting of a hand making sharp contact with their skin.

Impact Play: The 101

Impact play is the act of striking another person (with either a hand or an object) to achieve sexual gratification for those involved in the act.

If you’ve ever thought of the teacher fantasy where a misbehaving school student meets with the end of a wooden ruler then you’ve already been introduced to impact play.

There’s nothing to say that impact play be strictly constrained to conventional fantasy roleplay scenarios, however. For example, the pizza boy coming for delivery might not immediately offer itself up as an impact play fantasy until, that is, you put a wooden pizza board in to the mix, then possibilities suddenly arise.

Indeed, there’s nothing to say that impact play be linked to roleplay whatsoever and, more often than not, it actually isn’t.

Impact play is, as a general rule of thumb, a BDSM activity, practiced between a Dominant and a Submissive as part of the power play involved.

A lot of pleasure can also be derived from the physical sensation of impact play – with different items causing different sensations – and from the skill involved in the action.

Impact play is, after all, quite dependent on the one making contact knowing just how to use their chosen equipment and the experience of a user can make a massive difference in the effectiveness and feel of the play session.

And, of course, there is an element of trust inherent in impact play.

Being harmed in a controlled way is, after all, highly dependent on the submissive’s belief and confidence in the ability of their Dominant and the Dominant’s capability and willingness to take care of their boundaries, threshold levels, and play preferences.

The act is one of the most exposed, intimate, and vulnerable that two people can achieve but it’s also very much in the hands of the Submissive, creating a constant flirtation between who is truly in control.

All while repetitive sensations flood the body with adrenaline and sensation.

It can, for some, be near hypnotic.

Types of Impact Play

As mentioned above, there are a fair few different ‘tools of the trade’ when it comes to impact play and it pays to know some of the most common ones out there.

Here is a basic breakdown for anyone interested in delving in to this form of play:

The Hand: Almost all of us have a hand at our disposal making it an accessible, cost-free form of engaging in impact play and probably the best way to test the waters. Adding oil, lubricant, or water can all transform the intensity levels of spanking with a hand, as can the degree to which a hand is cupped or flat, leaving different ways to perfect the art and impressions involved.

Floggers: Floggers are products with a clear handle and then different strands of material (often rope, fur, fabric, or leather) which the Dominant can slam down on to the skin of their Submissive for impact. Floggers tend to provide more of a thunking motion compared to some toys but can sting depending on if the ends of the fabric/rope is tied in knots or not.

Paddles: Wood, silicone, metal, a boot bottom, paddles come in all different shapes, sizes and materials and have the benefit of being easier to control then a flogger. Paddles are also more of a thunking or slamming form of impact but a sting can be introduced with silicone paddles (or silicone lube).

Canes: Canes are more advanced because they’re harder to control in terms of pain and tend to deliver quite a sharp and concentrated sensation. By all means, don’t be deterred from canes, but do have an idea of what you’re dealing with by practicing on the forearm before venturing to more tender areas.

Dragon Tails: Also more advanced and more liable to sting, these formidable variations on a flogger have a sharp tip and an even sharper snap to them. Good fun in the right hands.

Improvised Items: Many people nowadays will use improvised items, such as a ruler or a pizza board, to have fun with impact play. In such cases always be sure to test on non-sensitive areas first and make sure that you’ve tested the integrity of the product.

Whips: It’s a sin that these are sold in mainstream sex shops of such a flimsy design and with minimal instruction. Whips are for advanced impact users and there is a case to be made that people should get professional training before trying to use them on a partner. Handle with care and respect.

Safety First

As you can imagine, our main recommendation for anyone looking to delve in to impact play is to play it safe and get in considerable practice beforehand. Practicing distance, swing, and technique on a pillow might sound a bit silly but it could be the difference between a safe and dangerous play session.

Equally, any new product should be tested on the forearm first and the pain threshold of a Submissive should always be checked before a session. Safe words or gestures are vital and aftercare should involve some form of wound treatment or management, especially if you’re advanced users aiming to draw blood.

Impact play is a brilliantly diverse and very open form of play and we’ve only scratched the surface here but if you take anything away from this article then let safe play be the key message. From there it’s up to you to pick your weaponry and figure out what’s a miss and what’s a hit.

For visual inspiration we recommend watching Art of Spanking by Erika Lust!

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