6 alternative places to have sex
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6 alternative places to have sex

By Sabine, 22.02.2021

Is your sexlife getting boring and are you up to some new challenges?  Be bold and try out a new place to have sex. There are several options to try outside the bedroom. We have selected 6 for you to try. 

The Elevator

Are you into quickies? Then this is something for you! Be sure to choose a building that is more than five stories high. Choose the largest skyscraper you know to have more time enjoying the sex.

In a tent

Spring holidays are coming up! Why don’t you go camping? Be one with nature and your partner’s body. Sex in the wild, what is not to like about that! And you will stay dry in a tent, well, only the upper part of your body…

In the snow

It’s freezing and still very hot! How horny is it to do it in the snow? Your bodies will keep eachother warm. Is the snow gone? There’s probably some snow left in places like the Ardennes, or winter sport areas close to you. 

In a jacuzzi

Do you own a jacuzzi? Use it! Jump in with your partner and have hot steaming sex. Don’t have your own jacuzzi? Try a hotel room that has one and enjoy an unforgettable night together.


Are you a booknerd? Take your partner to a big city library. Maybe don’t choose the nearest one and risk getting caught by a familiar.

On the dryer

A lovely sextip you might know from the movies: sex on a vibrating dryer. The woman sits on the dryer, he is having her way with her standing in front of it. Start the penetration when the dryer is on maximum power. The vibration will increase the sensation.

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