Woman naked behind a stove
Woman naked under a sheet
Woman tied up with leather straps
Man hold pregnant womans belly
Two womans lips kissing
Sexy man and woman in bed
Woman with a banana in her mouth
Sexy man and woman in bed
Naked woman at the massage table
Two women kissing

Erotic stories and sex tips at DUSK Magazine

DUSK magazine is the online magazine for women who want to know everything about sex and relationships and who love erotic stories. We bring you new stories and tips every week!

Sex tips

Do you want to boost your sex life? Read our 10 ways to boost your libido, hot phone sex tips and 5 role-playing games you and your partner should definetely try! Are you ready for the next step? Read our tips for BDSM for beginners, get inspired by 6 alternative places to have sex and gat your game on with 5 difficult positions to try together.

Erotic stories

On DUSK magazine you will find the most arousing erotic stories, written by women, for women. Read the sweetest stories where your wildest fantasies occur, where the sex can be kinky or romantic, and where threesomes are a common favorite!

Being fingered by your man during a neat family dinner with your in-laws? Yep… read this juicy story from Victoria Hawk in ‘The Diner‘ now! Or go for ‘Blind Trust‘, in which a couple embarks on another sexual adventure: a threesome. Is sex on the plane one of your erotic fantasies? In the erotic story ‘Brace yourself‘ you can read about the naughty high-altitude sex adventure of a flight attendant and a passenger in an empty first class…

Not sure where to start? To make it easy for you, we have prepared a top list of erotic stories.

Are you a writer of erotic stories yourself and would you like to publish your story on dusk-magazine.com? Send a message with your story to info@dusk-magazine.com!

Porn for women

Did you know that in addition to the online magazine, DUSK also has a video channel? At dusk-tv.com you will find the best porn for women videos! The female-friendly porn is of high quality, female pleasure and mutual respect are of paramount importance. From bdsm, anal sex to lesbian sex. There really is something for everyone. Take a quick look at DUSK-TV.