Handcuffs and mask

The Things they Don’t Tell You About BDSM

Ah BDSM. Whips, chains, feathers, moaning and (sometimes) even tampons, if E.L. James is anything to go by.  BDSM has experienced a huge boom in recent years and people have been ...

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6 things to eat when you want to give your sexdrive a boost

Are you experiencing a sexual dry spell? Is your libido at an all time low? No worries! There are several ways to boost up your lust for sex. Using aphrodisiacs ...

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Sexual sculpture

What Can We *Really* Learn from the Kama Sutra?

First translated into English in 1883 (and kept as part of private collections until 1962) the Kama Sutra has been glorified as an ancient source for ultimate pleasure for decades.  What ...

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Man in bathtubb, woman in bathrobe next to it

Finding Time For Intimacy: Prioritising your Love Life in Communal Spaces

For some, recent occurrences might mean that they are now living in spaces occupied by more people than are usually present. For others communal living might be an everyday way ...

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Man and woman with facemasks on

Staying Intimate During COVID-19

The Coronavirus has shocked the world. With an estimated 846K passing from COVID-19, it's sometimes hard to remember the 16.7M who have made a documented recovery, or the many more ...

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Womans butt

The anal orgasm: myth or must try?

Anal sex: some women swear by it, others look upon it in horror. Maybe it’s just not something for everyone to enjoy, but the taboos surrounding it keep a lot ...

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Sexual Empowerment Throughout History

‘Empowerment’ is defined as the process of becoming stronger or more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and rights, and a healthy attitude to sex is, arguably, a fundamental human ...

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Yoni eggs

Everything you wanted to know about Yoni- eggs

Have you ever heard of Yoni-eggs? Egg shaped rocks created to insert into your vagina helping you train your pelvic muscles. The popularity of Yoni-eggs skyrocketed when Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s ...

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Not disturb sign

10 things you didn’t know about porn

The internet is filled with it  There are over 26 million pornsites, that means 12% of the whole internet. Porn also stars in the top four search requests and 35% of ...

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Woman thinking

6 bedside habits that kill your sexlife

Sex is always nice, but if you really want to reach the stars, these are the bad bedside habits you should totally ditch!  The lack of initiativeWe love it when a ...

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woman inbed with sextoy

How to maintain sexual wellbeing during COVID-19

Wellbeing is a fundamental need for human beings. In the Health and Social Care sector supporting the wellbeing of patients sits hand in hand with maintaining their safety and is ...

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