Erotic story: Blind trust
Erotic story

Erotic story: Blind trust

By Victoria, 15.09.2022

An urge develops to touch myself, but since I am unable to, I rub my legs restlessly against each other. I am so occupied with myself that I did not notice another entity has entered the room and I am not longer by myself – A new and thrilling story written by Victoria Hawk.

We have been a couple for over five years now and from the first time we met not a single moment with him had been dull. Especially our sex life has always been filled with adventure and discovery. By now he knows what I like and I know what he likes. We know what our fantasies are and what is off limits. I trust him completely. It are not these exact words, but the overall feeling I have when he opens our bedroom door and gestures me inside.

Before I enter we communicate by exchanging a look, in which he would be saying: “You have no clue what is about to happen to you, but I am very excited to witness your reaction.” “I am indeed clueless and also slightly nervous for tonight”, I tell him with my eyes. While I am standing in front of the bed trying to envisage what he has planned, he is standing behind me, holding my shoulders, kissing the back of my neck. Black silk ropes are tied to each side of the white metallic head end of the bed. They are accompanied by a silk piece of fabric, which is undoubtedly acting as a blind fold in this scenario. His hands are touching the skin under my shirt and I stretch my arms upwards as he frees my upper body from the piece of clothing. I turn around to proudly show the result of his action and sit down on the edge of the bed.

He reaches past me to grab the blind fold, freeing the bed for my body. With one hand on each side of my hips he pulls my skirt and simultaneously my underwear in the direction of my feet. In the same manner as with my arms I facilitate him by moving my legs up. “Go ahead”, he says slightly whispering. I move backwards and spread my arms away from each other, surrendering myself to him to tie me up with the soft ropes. Since bondage is not new for us, he swiftly ties the ropes to my wrists with perfect tightness. I remain completely mystified about his plans. He is still completely dressed when he moves the blind fold in the direction of my eyes. I decide to resign from light myself and close my eyes before the fabric touches my face.

“Pssst, you are in good hands”, I hear next to my ear while two finger tops rest on my now sealed lips.

One instant later everything is black and my eyelids covered with the softness of the silk. Inside me the expectation to feel some part of his body touching me soon. Instead I hear, “I am going to leave for a bit. I love you.” The last thing I feel is a kiss on my cheek before he leaves the room without making a sound. My ears come to the conclusion he has not closed the door behind him.

While I am lying naked and blind in our bed by myself, my mind envisions which of the fantasies I have illustrated my boyfriend might want to play out tonight. Together with memories of our most intimate moments I try to plot the night that is ahead. My body responds to my intrusive thoughts and I cannot help but to get horny. An urge develops to touch myself, but since I am unable to, I rub my legs restlessly against each other. I am so occupied with myself that I did not notice another entity has entered the room and I am not longer by myself.

This fact only reaches my consciousness when I feel a weight next to my body on the bed. Somehow I immediately feel this is not the same person that has tied me to the bed and left minutes before. As a reaction I try to have a look and get a peek of this person, but I just distinguish the presents of light in the room. A startling feeling rushes through my body when it gets touch at the belly area by a hand much softer than my boyfriend’s. “Woman.” The word stumbles out of my mouth in a primitive manner, since it should have been an exclusive internal realisation. “Pssst, you are in good hands”, I hear next to my ear while two finger tops rest on my now sealed lips.

Her voice and energy seem unfamiliar, but I sense her external and internal beauty and remain as calm as possible. Her mouth and both her hands start to move all over my body and I try to focus on the sensation and direction of her touch. Due to the elimination of one of my senses, my mind is hyper-focussed and fills in the visual gap with images of her movements and colours them with feminine scent that enters my nose when her body gets close to it. 

“He is starting with an upward movement of licks and kisses, while she is moving in the opposite direction.”

The image gets disrupted by a tickling feeling that originates from the soles of my feet. Once again I had not noticed that someone had entered the space. Not a hand, but something much softer and lighter, is stroking my feet and playfully moves up to my legs. Some giggles escape from my mouth during the upward journey of object, which by now I have fairly certain identified as being a feather. These giggles are not merely caused by the sensation, but also by the realisation this person is my boyfriend and he has decided to please me with the help of another woman. This is indeed one of my fantasies I had vividly told him about in the beginning of our relationship and it is being lived out with an insane twist.

He starts blowing air onto my skin. At the same time she wets my nipple by drawing a spiral with her tongue on it, intensifying the feeling when the air stream reaches this extremely erogenous district of my body. I can feel how the skin around my nipple tightens due to hardening of the area, but the reaction of my physique does not stop there and I have to arch my back to help my nipples with their excitement skyward. He is starting with an upward movement of licks and kisses, while she is moving in the opposite direction. It amazes me that they are doing this without communicating like it is their usual drill. I realise my mind is wandering and I should stop thinking about the logistics that are underlying my pleasure. Instead I focus on the difference between familiar and unfamiliar energy, while he continues kissing me and stroking my tied up arms and she is slowly reaching her destination down under. I cannot help to feel loved by both of them.

With her hands she gently gestures me to widen my legs from each other and slowly starts her play with lips and an occasional appearance of tongue. The intensity of the whole situation is adding up and with my arms I am pulling hard on the ropes, that have giving me no choice but to surrender to everything that has happened so far. The bed is shaking. I feel how my boyfriend repositions his body to observe what is happening between my legs, while maintaining contact with my body at all times. As if perfectly programmed she keeps increasing speed, pressure and amount of tongue to make me slide into an amazing orgasmic state.

“While the orgasm still lingers, my whole entity enters another.”

For a moment no one is touching me and I feel like I am bathing in endorphin. Just when I am starting to regain control of my body they have both directed their attention to one breast each and catapult me back into the endorphin bath. Their touch is different from each other, but the combination of both creates a whole new sensation for me. The different colours and lights that I am seeing make me forget the blind fold on my eyes. While the orgasm still lingers, my whole entity enters another. This time no one is stopping and I am unable to give any sign they should. It feels like my body becomes an orgasm, which they are feeding with their energy.

When they eventually decide to stop I shift back into my human form. With their hands they stroke my shaking body and the three of us lie on the bed for a while, recovering. “Goodbye, it has been a pleasure”, she says before she gives me a short kiss and leaves, closing the door behind her. Shortly after the veil from my eyes is being lifted and I need a moment to readjust my consciousness to receive visual information. Immediately everything that happened before the door closed seems like a dream to me. My boyfriend is looking at me with a big smile and sparkly eyes. “This was crazy!”, I say to him in disbelief. “We are crazy, that is why I love us”, he states laughing.

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