5 types of roleplay you and your partner should definitely try!

5 types of roleplay you and your partner should definitely try!

By Sabine, 23.08.2021

Oh what fun it is to roleplay! You can let your imagination run wild and it’s super exciting at the same time. We have some scenarios for you to put on your bucket list. 

Sex with the boss

Admit it, this is something you’ve fantasized about at least once or twice. Always dressed to impress, know exactly what they want, that boss confidence is hot! Most people are working at home nowadays, so this is something you could play with together with your partner! Are they playing the boss? Time to interrupt them when they are way too focused on their laptop. Try some dirty talk to focus them on you. And don’t forget to include a tie in your dressup, you can do so much with it! 

Playing doctor

A classic for a reason. You must play this scenario at least once. Because, well, you get to dress up. Just go online and check out all those naughty nurse outfits. Ask where the pain is and let your partner undress themselves for a very thorough medical examination. Wait, is your patient still breathing? You’d better give them mouth to mouth. 

Student and teacher

Ok, so, the adult version of course. Think of all those teachers making home study more fun by making humorous Tik Tok videos. You and your partner can dress the part. Think of that short skirt and nerdy glasses. The teacher can explain all about biology, how your neck bone’s connected to your sexy bone (you see what we did there).

First date

Are you stuck in a rut? Is your sexlife getting boring? This is thé way to get it all hot and excited again. Plan a date and meet up seperately. Pretend you’ve never seen each other before and it’s your first date. Just start over! What hobbies does your date have? Where do they come from? Play it right and it may end up horny as f*ck in your bedroom. Or stay in that first date vibe and rent a hotel room.

Cops and robbers

Dominant partners are hot. Well, we think so anyway. If you are like us this is the scenario to roleplay. What is your crime? Do you have to be taken in to the police station? Your partner will tell you what they have in store for you. There are so many costumes you can use. And better: even the right props! What about cuffing the sexy crook? Have fun! 

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