Are you ready to go anal?
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Are you ready to go anal?

By Sabine, 16.06.2022

For some ladies our behind is really just an exit. But there are girls out there who are curious about that backdoor loving, or even ones who are already enjoying the experience. Anal sex is still a taboo and that’s a shame, but we are here to tell you it can be so much more. With the right preparations and lots of lube anal sex can be an exciting and pleasureable experience. Whatever your stand on anal sex, before you open up your backdoor of your privat club its nice to get a bit more information on the how to. 

Preparation is key

Anal sex is not something you spontanously do, like a quicky. It takes some preparation. Even if it’s only mentally. The most important thing is staying relaxed. Your first time is exciting of course, but it doesn’t help if you’re worrying about some leftover poop at the moment supreme. Let’s be honest, it’s the first thing on your mind: poop. But the chance of a poop surprise is small, really. Especially when you make sure your intestines are emptied. Preferably by using an anal shower. Is this a bit too exciting for you? No worries, having a strong cup of coffee can help you do a number two too. Wait at least 30 minutes after relieving yourself, but then you are good to go. 


With ass play lube is your new best friend. The anus has no natural lunbrication and some spit just won’t do. Go wild using lube. There are several kinds. Important to know is that anal sex shouldnt hurt. Is it getting less pleasurable? Use more lube! 


This might be new to you but an anus can be trained! There are several toys you can use if you want to prepare yourself. Start off with the use of a buttplug for example. You can choose a small size, and then expand a little each time. And when you are used to bigger sizes, try using a dildo. Until the moment you feel you are ready for the real thing. 

Hygiene and safety

Apart from the expected poop, you are maybe even more afraid of getting an STD. Your backside is still a source of bacteria. So USE A CONDOM. Nobody wants an STD. Also: if you start with anal but decide to switch to vaginal: change your condom to prevent bacteria spreading to your sensitive spot.


If it’s your first time going anal it important to choose a position that is most comfortable for you. Forget about those porn video positions, this may look horny, but is really for the more experienced. We advise you to start with spooning. This way your partner will have his hands free to stimulate other parts of your body. The focus will be on several parts, not just that one hole. Are you really horny and ready to take the next step? Choose doggy style. His view will be really horny. 

Explosive orgasm

And last but not least, your orgasm can be more explosive. Just as it’s delish to combine penetration with the stimulations of the nipples and balls, it can be great to stimulate the anus area too. There are numerous nerve endings around the anus. And did you know your clitoris goes on deep into your inside. If you combine the stimulation of your clit with the stimulation of your anus your orgasm will be mind blowing. 

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