An introduction to the exciting world of Dirty Talk
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An introduction to the exciting world of Dirty Talk

By Sabine, 07.01.2021

It all seems so natural in sexy movies, but in real life dirty talk can be a bit, well,  uncomfortable. And discomfort doesn’t do a lot of good to the sexy mood. It only works when you really mean it. We will guide you through it, no worries. 

Why talk dirty?
If you are still wondering this, dirty talk might not be something for you (yet). If you are interested, but still a bit insecure we will help you to take the first step. Whispering some dirty words, or even screaming them out loud, can really give your sexlife a boost. 

Dirty talk triggers the neurochemical reaction in the brain what makes you even more horny. 

And it will make things easier by giving directions and telling them what you really like. Just keep on talking about sex. Not just in the bedroom but outside it too, like when you talk about it with your friends. Talking about sexual actions will help you to talk about sex without shame. 

It can also add a little spice to your bland sexlife and will help you take other exciting steps to new sex stuff too. So the real question is: why not??

Where to start
If dirty talk is something new and you are still wondering what talk to use, we can help you out with a few examples:

  • I want you so fucking much, you drive me wild (feed his ego).
  • I want you to take me (or even…) Fuck me hard.
  • Use me the way you want to (of course say this only to a person you trust).
  • I want you to….(fill in the blanks..) lick me there, take me from behind, tie me up, spank me. (Giving them a direct order will sound really hot, but also gets you exactly what you want)
  • Go on. I’m coming. Yes, there, there! (only when you really mean it of course) 

If this doesn’t work for you, we don’t know what will! Think about what is sexy for you, what fits your sexual preferences. Be sure to be convincing.

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