5 tips to boost up your sexlife
Sex tips

5 tips to boost up your sexlife

By Sabine, 17.03.2022

You don’t have to go all ‘eyes wide shut’ to spice up your sexlife. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Even the smallest things can help boost things up. 

Sex with the lights off (or on!)

Are you used to having sex with the lights dimmed? Why don’t you light up the place. You will literally see each other in a new light. Are you used to having sex with the lights on? Go for a dark room instead. Just follow your gut, relax and don’t be insecure about the way you look. 

Date night

It’s great to hang out together, on the couch, on his lap watching the latest netflix hit. But why don’t you try to plan a night out once a week, or every other week. Keep your date and make it a sacred night for just the two of you. It will make your relationship even stronger. Take turns in picking a new hot spot or activity every time. 

New lingerie

It’s one of the most familiar tips but that’s because it can really work as long as you pick the right lingerie. Especially when you are used to wearing comfy skincoloured shirt bras, you can probably use a va-va-voom moment. Try out a black lace bra with a thong, dress it with suspenders and silk stalkings, you can’t go wrong with that! Tell your lover a gift that needs to be unwrapped at home, you will drive him crazy. Mission accomplished. 


To keep the sex interesting we advice you to introduce something new once in a while. Buying a sex toy is easy to do and has a great effect. It will give you something to explore together and it will help you open up to each other. A great toy to get is a special couples toys, sextoys you can use together, like the Womanizer, or LELO (worn by the woman). Duo vibrators will stimulate both the woman’s clitoris and the man’s G-spot, while the man is able to penetrate the woman at the same time. Having a hands free orgasm, a woman’s dream. 

Some time away

Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been together for a while,  we all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Stimulate your lust by missing each other. Plan a trip away with your friends. Send sexy texts and pics to each other while away. You’ll see the fire is back when you meet up after the trip!

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