15 reasons to have sex tonight
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15 reasons to have sex tonight

By Sabine, 14.09.2021

Sometimes you just want to get it on all the time, other days you just don’t feel like it, we are here to tell you sex brings more to the table then you think. Read our 15 reasons why you should have sex tonight! 

1. Orgasm: a good night of sleep

Whether you go at it with a partner or enjoy sex the solo way; an orgasm works like a charm to help you sleep tight. Not only because sex is just like a workout, it tires the body and helps release happy hormones, it also helps you to really relax.

2. You were in a fight

Fighting causes adrenaline and stress and both can be vanquished with a great session of lovemaking. Whether the fight was with your partner, your boss or even your bff.

3. Your muscles ache

Whether this ache originated from previous sex or a game of tennis, maybe even cleaning the house, or partying all night long, sex is always a great solution. Sex helps sooth the ache in your muscles! 

4. It’s bedtime

Well, we can’t think of a better reason. You are already getting undressed, and there’s the bed. You are halfway there! 

5. Sex enhances the immune system

Sex helps to prevent you getting ill. Your body will become stronger and is able to fight off viruses better. We don’t know about Covid though…

6. It boosts your confidence

Having sex will give your selfconfidence an enormous boost. You can tell by your partner’s delight you are doing all the things, taking control and the happy hormones that are released just top it off. 

7. Sex keeps you alive

Okay, so we don’t mean literally, but sex definitely helps you live longer. Studies show that men who have orgasms more than twice a week have a lower chance of dying than men who come once a month. Tonight we’re assuming this is also the case for women.

8. You’re bored

You finished your fav tv show, it’s raining outside, you finished your work….there’s one thing left to do; sex! Give your partner a sexy glance or browse through your tinder matches and have a wild night, you go girl! 

9. Losing weight

Why jog all those extra laps, climb the Mount Everest or take a bikeride through France when all you have to do is have sex? A great session of sex can burn around 200 calories and it feels great too. 

10. You’re not feeling great

Do you feel sad, a bit down or are you simply not having your day? Sex might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s definitely something that can help! All the happy hormones that are released when you have an orgasm will make you feel better in no time, good luck honey.

11. It’s been a while

Are spiders creating a web between your legs, or have you been socially distancing into extremes? It might be time to get it on again! What if sex is not like riding a bike? 

12. Shiny hair and better skin

During sex you body produces sweat and estrogen. Those two help to clear up your pores, that will help make your hair more shiny and your skin more radiant. That’s a big plus, right?

13. Sex is good for your heart

Yes, baby, sex is good for the ticker. It helps flush your arteries and reduces your cholesterol. That means it can help prevent heart attacks.

14. Bonding

Sex is the perfect way to bond with your partner. During the lovemaking you are producing oxycontin which makes you get that warm and lovey feeling. And you can always use the sexy time to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes better.

15. Your feel hot and aroused

This is ofcourse the best reason why you should have a wild night, morning or afternoon. You want to get it on! So get to it!

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