How To Keep Your Sexual Adventures Interesting

How To Keep Your Sexual Adventures Interesting

By Sabine, 24.02.2022

If you are already in a long relationship with the love of your life, there is slight a chance that the sex drive will slowly fade away. In this article we want to give you some tips to keep your sex life exciting!

By the time couples have been together for three years or more 27% of women will be sexually dissatisfied while 41% of men will feel equally unenthused about their sexual adventures.

That’s a pretty grim statistic.

This comes from a 2016 study in to the satisfaction of couples in monogamous, long-term relationships and it doesn’t bode particularly well for any readers who follow such relationship methods yet still want to have a lip-bitingly good sex life.

Thankfully, the study covered more than just a decline in satisfaction. It also chose to look in to what keeps the fire alive and the conclusion was hopeful.

“Passion and sexual satisfaction typically diminish in longer-term relationships,” the study asserts, “but this decline is not inevitable.”

In particular, it was creativity and the implementation of sexual variety which seemed to be a consistent feature in the 55% of women and 43% of men who were still living their best sex life.

But how does one manage to get creative in the bedroom?

Here are a few of our top tips for sexual adventures!

#1 Mix Up The Motions

Thrusting is good but so is swirling, clenching, pulsing, and ramming.

Sex is not an action of a single motion and different types of sexual movement can create some wildly different sensations.

There is also extreme arousal to be had in subtle encounters.

If you’ve never tried it we highly recommend waiting until you’re aroused and then participating in some form of penetration where, after the initial motion, you try to be as still as you can.

Get close, shut your eyes, and allow yourselves to notice how little differences like the rise and fall of your breath or an uncontrollable clench can change the quality of the motion.

Bonus points if candles and cuddling are involved.

#2 Try What You Read/See (Sensibly)

There’s a reason that some erotic books in recent years have caused a boom in the adult product industry – a desire to try new ideas can lead to new sexual satisfaction and so on and so forth.

Buy a few pieces of erotic literature or watch some porn and then see what ideas you can take from it.

We recommend our own but we are a bit biased there.

Remember though: The value here is in being inspired by fictional representations of sex, not to try and replicate them 100%.

There’s a reason that movies and tv shows stick strictly to the realm of imagination. Some things need more safety and logistical considerations involved.

#3 Move To Different Body Parts

In the study mentioned, oral sex was considered to be a factor in what kept sexual satisfaction high. Not because oral should be done all the time but, rather, because it was used as a tool to add a bit more variety in to the relationship and, thus, a more creative approach to going about sexual satisfaction.

If you’ve never engaged in oral sex (or been a recipient of it) try your hand at introducing it in to the bedroom. There’s a lot of creativity that can stem from simply moving from using one body part for pleasure on to another.

Trust us, we speak (an lick, and flutter, and swirl) from experience.

#4 Purchase Some Sex Games

Sexy dice, sexy board games, sexy cards – they all exist and they all offer opportunities to try different opportunities or experiences in the bedroom.

The creativity here comes not just from playing the games but also from bringing your own style to them and from figuring out what new creative tips you’ll try out yourself when the board game goes away.

Any new tools that you can add to your tool box are there to be used and modified as you see fit, but you need a solid roster to help spur that creativity on.

#5 Engage In Sexual Roleplay

What could be more creative than creating an entirely different personality for yourselves?

Sexual roleplay allows you to take on a new identity and to consider yourselves, your relationship, and your sexual style in a whole new way.

As you’re the one making this style, creativity in inherent in sexual roleplay and the interplay of imaginary identities and sincere intentions leads to delicious outcomes.

For a starting idea, why not pretend to encounter each other at a bar, restaurant, or club as complete strangers.

The encounter will be your first, the outcome? Something you won’t soon forget!

Sexual adventures; that’s All For Now

Variety is the spice of life and the ability to be creative in the bedroom can literally be the difference between sexual satisfaction and stagnation.

We hope that this article will kickstart you in to the realms of sexual adventures and creativity. Hopefully you’ll discover things about yourself that you never thought possible.

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