How familiar are you with your nipples?

How familiar are you with your nipples?

By Sabine, 24.05.2021

Nipples, we‘ve all got them, but how much do you actually know about them?

Not much, probably, well, sit down and listen, because we will tell you all! 

Every nipple is unique

No nipple is the same. Nipples come in all shapes and sizes. People often think that big breasts have big nipples, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Some women have nipples that are withdrawn, making the nipple flat. Those are just as sensitive to touch as ‘outties’, so no worries!

Color of your nipple

The color of your nipple is also unique. It all depends on your skin color in general and your heritage. If you have a light skin your areola is probably lighter, if your skin is darker your areola is probably darker too. The color changes when you get older, or get pregnant. When your areola gets darker it’s easier for your baby to find it with its limited eyesight. 

They can hurt 

Unfortunately they can hurt too. When you’re menstruating, when you’re pregnant or when you are breastfeeding. Sometimes just because. Don’t panic, that’s what happens.

Hair on your nipples

Did you know most women have hair on their nipples? We might find this a bit weird or even icky, but it’s really very normal. On the areola there are several hair follicles and those make it possible for hair to grow. Some women have a few baby hairs, others grow dark firm hairs. You can always remove them if you want, but be careful, it’s a sensitive area. Don’t forget to pull the skin tight and then quickly pluck them out, it won’t be so painful this way. 

Bumpy nipples

Those little bumps on the areola belong. Maybe you’re cold, maybe they’re glandulae areolares or Glands of Montgomery. The glands make oily secretions (lipoid fluid) to keep the areola and the nipple lubricated and protected. In general we have about 9 of them and most are invisible to the eye. 

Nipple orgasm

Have you ever had a nipple orgasm? This is really a thing! Your nipples have about 8000 nerve endings, when stimulated (by fondling and touching) oxycontin is released, sending signals to your brain, which connects to your vagina. Your pelvic muscles will contract and the blood flow to your vagina will increase fast. For some women this is enough to climax. Yay! This way you have an orgasm without touching your private parts in any way, it’s all in the brain baby! It’s not for all women, around 29% reach nipple climax.

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