Period Sex: Normalizing Sex and Menstruation
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Period Sex: Normalizing Sex and Menstruation

By Emmeline Peaches, 19.04.2021

Menstruation is something that most female-bodied individuals of a certain age will experience once a month or so. It’s a natural part of a person’s reproductive cycle and is often representative of a healthy body. 

Despite this, there has persisted in certain cultures and societies the idea that a female body menstruating is somehow ‘unclean’, to be avoided, and certainly off-limits for sex. And what a silly myth that is. 

The Origins of the Period No-Go

The idea that individuals should avoid sex during menstruation is one that is typically traced back to the Old Testament (or, to be more specific, Mosaic Law). The premise behind it was that individuals were trying to purify the soul and physical body and that having sex during menstruation was simply not in line with this. However, modern science has long since debunked this archaic way of thinking. 

According to Maedica, the Journal of Clinical Medicine, “From a modern medical point of view, sexual intercourse during menstruation is normal and not perversion,” with the UK’s NHS also chiming in that “There are a few risks associated with having sex while you or your partner are on their period.”

Many medical bodies agree with these views and thus sex during menstruation is much more about personal preference than any medical (or divine) disadvantages. 

The Low Down on Menstruation Sex

While period sex is not at all unsafe, there are a few things that do require consideration. 

The first is that menstruating can be an uncomfortable time and, as such, menstruating individuals might not feel sexually desirable or receptive. However, sex during menstruation has actually been shown to reduce menstrual cramps. This is due to the way that the muscles in the vagina and uterus contract and relax during the point of climax, alleviating the cramping that might have otherwise been occurring. 

Period sex can also be a bit messy, which means laying a towel (or something similar) down is advisable. The flip side of this is that there is more natural lubricant available when menstruating, due to the viscosity that is generated by the vagina at this time. This is a big advantage for people who struggle with natural lubrication or any similar issues. 

More fluids (and blood) does mean more chance of a pre-existing STI crossing between individuals, which is why it’s important for people engaging in period sex to make sure that they’re always using safer sex barriers unless otherwise agreed upon between individuals who know each other’s sexual history. 

Once these factors are considered, though, there really isn’t anything to stop you from having period sex. In fact, there are more benefits than you might realize…

The Perks of a Period Pounding

In addition to being great for alleviating period cramps, the chemicals released during sex can also help to soothe any migraines or headaches that a person might be experiencing, can dislodge further lining from the uterus, and can make a period shorter in duration. 

The chemical mixture felt during a period can also make some individuals incredibly horny, meaning that some epic sex sessions might abound, if only you’re bold enough to ditch the cultural and religious baggage associated with sex and allow yourself to enjoy every moment.

But What About Oral Sex?

Okay, so period sex is absolutely fine, but what about actions of an oral nature? Again, there is good news. 

Oral sex is completely possible (and just as beneficial) during one’s menstruation. The only real considerations here are also personal preference – whether you are comfortable with engaging in the act and, to be more specific, if a metallic tang would be a deterrent at all. 

If so, then there is always the option to use a barrier dam in order to enjoy the act while minimising the taste of the menstrual secretions. 

But, let’s get real here – in a world where sex can involve a variety of fluids such as food, urine, stool, ejaculation, and so much more, a bit of menstrual blood really doesn’t stand out as anything to be overtly excluded as off-limits.

Some Quick Tips

So, if you are thinking about sex during menstruation what is the best way to go about it? Well, here are a few quick tips:

-Make sure you’ve removed your tampon or menstrual cup if you wear one. Sounds obvious but is easy to forget in the heat of the moment. 

-Lay down some towels if you want to avoid a mess or some fluid proof sheets.

-Consider having some wet wipes or a damp flannel nearby for clean up afterwards. Never flush your wet wipes down the toilet, even if they say they’re suitable for it. 

-Remember, pregnancy is still possible during one’s period, so be safe sex aware.

In Summary

Menstrual sex might not seem like it comes naturally but the bottom line is that it’s as natural and enjoyable as any other kind of sex, even if we’ve been taught otherwise in society. 

The benefits of period sex also make it well worth considering. So, next time arousal arises during menstruation consider exploring it, you might just find that it’s a great way to relieve menstruation blues. 

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