Erotic Story- Just like in the movies- part 1
Erotic story

Erotic Story- Just like in the movies- part 1

By Sabine, 03.01.2022

It took a while before I found the courage to suggest watching a porn together, eventually I just blurted it out. The suggestion didn’t seem to fall well, I thought, reading his timid reaction. But I quickly found out I was wrong, because he already found us a porn to watch together…

After a ten minute intro of the story the action is starting to build. A brunette removes her glasses and plucks a pencil from her hair. She’s in the boardroom, standing in front of her co-worker who sits comfortably in his chair. 

She starts to slowly undress herself for him. First her blouse, opening the buttons one by one. She pulls down her pleat skirt over her hips, stepping out of it with her red high heels. She opens her bra from the back and lets her breasts fill up the image. Her gorgeous hard nipples sticking out. She turns his back to him, bending while pushing her panties down slowly. He bites his lip in delight of his fantastic view. His rock hard dick rises up from his legs and she gets on her knees to take it in her mouth. She eagerly moves up and down with her head, going deeper and deeper. Hij grabs her hair into a ponytail, caresses her back and regulates the tempo by pushing her head slightly. Their eyes meet and in between the moaning he tells her how much he likes it. She continues licking his glans and sucking his cock. Then she gets up and lowers herself on him. The camera focuses on him slowly sliding inside her. His face is buried in her breasts, while holding them in his hands, squeezing them hard. She lets her head fall back in total bliss, moving her body up and down making her breast bounce against his head. 

I’m turning my head to look at my boyfriend and notice his hard dick rising up through his pants. I move closer to him and put my hand on it. “Do you like this?”, I whisper in his ear. 

He puts his hand on mine and pushed it firmer on his hard cock. “I love it a lot”, he answers. He looks at me and gives me a sweet kiss on my mouth. I kiss him back and open my mouth a little making space for his tongue to slide in. “Hmmmmm”, I moan softly. “Let’s watch a bit more”. 

It’s not easy pausing now, but we were planning on watching this move, it would be a waste just to see only the first 15 minutes. Who knows what the brunette still has in store for us?

I’m settling down on his lap and we decide to continue the movie. The woman is on the table now and the man has gotten up from his chair. He dives between her legs, spreading her labia so we can see her clit in all its glory. He slowly moves his tongue around it, first in long strokes, then getting more specific and faster. The woman is grabbing the side of the table, her back arching of pleasure, making her breasts stand out even more. She moans and orders the man to go on. While he is licking her his hands explore her body, her hips, her thighs, her breasts. Suddenly he grabs her and turns her over. After spanking her buttcheeks he pulls them apart, spanks them again and pulls them apart. Everything is clearly visible. He pushes himself in her, then pulls out completely. He then enters her again, grabbing her throat with one hand, her hair with his other hand, pulling her to him. She’s begging him to come inside her. So he does. 

Meanwhile I feel my boyfriend’s hand sliding over my shoulder into my shirt and in my bra. He takes my nippels into his hands and squeezes them slightly, making them hard and sensitive. He takes a nipple between his thumb and index finger and squeezes it lightly, I cover his cock with my hand to let him know there’s no stopping now…

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