Erotic Story: Favorite toy
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Favorite toy

By Yentl, 21.03.2024

It was barely eleven o’clock when I came home from dinner with friends. I’d planned to be as quiet as possible, but the effect of the glasses of wine that I’d downed a little too quickly, was starting to kick in.

I threw my bag somewhere against the shoe rack and my coat carelessly over the coat rack. Ravi sat slumped on the couch and looked at me with a smile when I opened the door to the living room. Everything in his look told me that he was aware of my current condition.

“So, you had a good time, by the looks of it?”, he said as I walked into the kitchen to get a large glass of water, ready to drink it in one go.

I watched Ravi intently from the kitchen. The way his hair lay messily on his head, his nonchalant posture and his focused gaze on the TV screen. Maybe it was the alcohol raging through my body, but his presence alone ignited a fire inside me.

“So,” he started when I sat on the couch next to him, “did you have a good time?!” He put his hand right above my knee and squeezed gently.

“Sure,” I replied, “how was your night?”

“Yes, fine… I found something fun.”

“Something fun?” I looked at him questioningly as he started to laugh mischievously.

“In your night stand.”

I burst out laughing as a wave of heat raged through me. “What were you doing in my night stand?”

“I was looking for batteries, but I found something else. Something that also needs batteries,” Ravi grinned.

“Haha, that thing has a charger, you know.” His hand ran smoothly up my leg. I watched it for a moment and then let one of my hands run through his messy curls.

“So you know what I’m talking about.” He bent his head down slightly and looked up at me from under his lashes, the corners of his mouth curling into a half-smile, as if he was proud of his discovery and was enjoying the fact that I’d fallen for it.

“Of course, that thing is mine. Or did you play with it while I was out?”, I teased, while gently pulling at his hair. I immediately saw his gaze change. His eyes focused on my mouth as he sucked in his bottom lip.

“No,” he replied in a sultry voice with his eyes still focused on my mouth. “I leave that to you.”

I playfully licked my lips. Not only because I knew that it excited him, but more so because my mouth was so dry. I swallowed hard as my head filled with memories of my adventures with the toy.

“What are you doing?” He looked worried, almost disappointed. His whole posture told me that he didn’t want me to leave.

“You leave that to me, right?”, I laughed, as I rose and walked towards my bedroom. I could feel his eyes burning in my back. I had him, just like that. My inner goddess was having a great time.

“Do you want to know what I do with it?” While I held the toy in my hand and waved it in the air, I walked back to the couch.

He watched me excitedly. “Do you want to tell me?”

“Tell you?”, I laughed. “I’ll show you.”

His look changed, a little nervously he sat up straight and pressed himself into the corner of the couch. The he looked at me with mischief in his eyes.

That look was all I needed to let go of all my thoughts and insecurities.

“Let’s turn it around.”

“Turn it around?” He sounded surprised.

I tapped the edge of the coffee table and gestured for him to sit there. Obedient as he was, he stood up and took a seat.

I stood before him and slowly started to unhook my jeans, my eyes focused on his. We just looked at each other. He swallowed hard when my pants fell to the floor around my ankles. I laughed excitedly.

“Then just pretend I’m not here.”

Again I laughed. “You’re always there when I play with myself,” I said, giving him a short wink.

“Dammit,” he whispered as I pulled my panties over my skin and flung them across the room.

His whole manner made me horny as hell. I could just tell that he couldn’t wait for me to touch myself. I bit my bottom lip, sank onto the couch and lay back a bit. I placed my feet apart on the edge of the couch. Ravi sighed again and I got that, the view he had now was one that you normally only see on certain websites.

The way he looked at the spot between my legs, hungry, while licking his lips, as if he was ready to attack at any moment, set my insides on fire.

I ran my fingertips through my heat, filled with desire. I was wet, really wet, and I moaned softly with excitement. Then I took the toy, slid it through my wetness a few times and then gently pushed it inside.

“Hmm,” I moaned softly, as Ravi sighed while cursing. I let the toy fill me, as far as my body allowed, and carefully stated to move back and forth. The sound of my wetness drowned out our excitement. I knew exactly what felt good with this toy, but now that I was playing with myself under his watchful eyes, everything felt more intense.

I carefully pressed on the button at the bottom and felt the tip start to vibrate deep inside of me. I moaned excitedly and did my best not to close my eyes. I would normally, but this time I wanted to keep looking into his eyes. I wanted to see what my horniness did to him. His hands grabbed the edge of the table and he continuously shifted in place. He was aroused, very much so. He couldn’t hide it.

With every in and outward movement of the toy, I felt the heat building up. My heartbeat was somewhere in my throat and I slumped further and further into the pillows of the couch. I pressed the button again and the vibrations intensified.

“Yes, go on,” he gasped excitedly.

I pushed the toy more firmly inside of me and managed to press the tip exactly against my most sensitive spot. My moaning got louder and I got all out of breath. I rubbed my clit with the fingertips of my free hand, almost like I was playing a wild guitar solo. My toes were starting to tingle. Ravi loudly moaned with me. Then my legs started shaking. Everything turned hot, so hot.

“Look at me, look at me!”, Ravi shouted excitedly. I looked deeply into his eyes and we both moaned out of breath. Then I saw his eyes drop down, to the place where it was all happening.

All my muscles seemed to cramp, my legs were shaking and I started whimpering out of control. I rubbed my fingertips firmly over my clit, pushed the toy a little more tightly against my insides and then exploded. My orgasm crashed through me like a whirlwind of horniness. My body shivered when I pulled out the toy. With every wave washing over me, I felt my fluids squirt out of me.

“Jesus, this is so fucking hot!”, Ravi gasped out of breath. Completely turned-on and overwhelmed by what had played out before him. “Are you always this horny by yourself?”

I laughed and gave my body some time to recover. Then I kneeled before him and started unbuttoning his pants.

Ravi looked at me with a grin. “Aren’t you done yet?”

“I am, but you’re not. Let’s see what this toy can do for you.” I gave him a naughty wink. If he thought that it was just for me, he was wrong.

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