Erotic Story: The Goodiebag
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The Goodiebag

By Yentl, 31.03.2022

Wearing my most naughty look I walk into the bedroom. I can’t deny that I was a bit disappointed after unwrapping the nipple stickers. Before, I was bragging a lot about the naughty goodie bag I would take home from the event. I imagined it filled with at least one sexy toy to try out together. This will teach me not to brag anymore.

Wearing only a thong and the black heart shaped nipple stickers- including tassels- I take position at the foot of the bed. 

“So, this is it?”, he asks me while giving me a piercing look. 

“Yep”, I answer while fumbling with the tassels. 

“Hot! take off your thong!”.

I obey and jokingly throw the thong in his direction. Against my expectations he catches it, searches for the crotch and pushes his tongue against the wettest part of my thong. His eyes are still on me. “Holy fuck”, I utter. I might have underestimated the power of the nipple stickers after all. 

To challenge him even more I softly stroke my breasts. 

“Hmm”, he sighs, “Come on, play with yourself”. 

Again I obey and I let my finger wander through my wet lips and start pushing them inside me slowly. 

“This is so incredibly hot”, he sighs.

Our eyes still haven’t unlocked. I never expected to be so aroused so quickly, not in the least by the nipple stickers. 

I let my fingers run deeper and deeper while studying the effect it has on him. It’s impossible for him to stay still. He keeps trying to find a way to relax but he’s obviously very horny and his hard cock is making his pants tighter and tighter.

“Enough”, he says in a strict voice when I start moaning louder and louder.

I stop and show him my wet fingers, shiny from the wet moisture. 

“Lick them”, he orders me and I put the fingers in my mouth. The taste of my wetness fires a tingling sensation all over my tongue. 

He crawls at me fast on the bed. When he’s in front of me he playfully takes a tassel in his hand and pulls it. Completely surprised by the enormous arousal I experience by his action I shriek. He starts massaging my breast with his hand, while he’s kissing and licking his way down. 

When he reaches my clit, still sensitive and moist, he looks up to me and smiles. He takes my hand and places it on my breast. 

“You continue”, he softly tells me, his lips already on my most sensitive spot. 

I start massaging my breast, sometimes pulling the tassel on my nipple. The sensation is crazy horny! My nipples are tingling all over.

What I want most is to beg him to touch me, but I can hold myself back. When I look down I see his playful smile and him watching me in every move. He then takes my right leg and puts it over his shoulder, places his hand on my hips and his other hand on my ass. Finally I can feel his flat strong tongue exploring my pussy. 

I grab his hair with my free hand. He explores the whole area thoroughly, sliding down to my buttcheeks. The sound of my wetness and his mouth sucking it up fills the room. His fingertips push into my hips while I pull the tassel harder and harder. Longings are traveling through my whole body. I can feel his thumb being pushed between my buttcheecks.

“Jezus, babe”, I moan. 

“I’ll help you stay in place”, he answers while laughing and pushing his thumb in my behind even deeper.

He’s right, I feel myself being fully controlled by him and unable to move.

He slowly sucks my clit and sometimes lets his tongue slide inside. 

After minutes of this delicious craziness I can’t hold back anymore. 

I pull the tassel one more time creating a wave of lust through my body. I can’t keep up any longer. 

“Please, please, fuck me”, i pant slowly.

He looks up to me with pride in his eyes. Like he just heard he got a big promotion. 

He takes his thumbs out and slides the leg of his shoulder. My ass feels like his thumb never left and my pussy is so wet I can imagine drops of horniness dripping down from my legs. 

When I jump on the bed he starts to slowly undress himself.

“Hurry up with those pants!”,I tell him, laughing and panting at the same time. 

Honestly, every other time I only have to show him my ass and he drops his pants in no time, but now he seems to take his time for it. 

Like in slow motion his hard cock finally jumps out and I bite my lower lip. I want him, every inch of him. 

He positions himself between my legs and pushes his tip against my entrance. He then spits between my legs, spreading his spit all over my pussing then ramming his fingers in. I bury my nails in his legs and he grabs the tassels. He starts pushing himself in me rhythmically while our wild moaning fills the bedroom. 

Thank you so much for the goodie bag and I must apologize to the tassels that I was so disappointed in the start, cause you are freaking awesome!

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