4 tips to make you squirt

4 tips to make you squirt

By Sabine, 05.02.2021

You might have seen it in porn videos: squirting women. Have you ever wondered how they do it? 

It seems impossible, but it is not! There are tricks to it, tricks that even you can do to make yourself squirt. Here are some to help you practice. 

Be prepared

You will want to keep things clean, so you don’t have to change the whole bed after. So keep a towel close, or lie down on one, so it can suck up all the fluids. You won’t squirt gallons, don’t worry.  Also a good thing to do before you go for it: cutting your nails, and your partners. It just doesn’t feel nice to have sharp nails sanding on the inside. Be sure to go to the bathroom before. Squirting sensation  is close to the feeling of having the urge to pee. So empty your bladder and rest assured. 

Be horny

Squirting is not something you just do.It’s about the combination of certain elements. It is very important you are sexually excited. The hornier the better. You can make yourself horny, or let your partner work their magic. Don’t touch your clit just yet. Start with the erogenous zones, start to really relax. Start with the ears, the lips, the stomach, the inside of your thighs. Build the tension. 

Stimulate your G-spot

If you want to squirt you need to stimulate the G-spot. Do you know how to find it? It’s between 1 or 2 inch deep in your vagina. It varies ofcourse, the location of the exact spot, but it’s there! If you want to locate it yourself, this is what you do. Put your fingers (one, or two, whatever you want and like) in your vagina with the palm up. When you have reached the 1 to 2 inch (3 to 5 centimeters) you make the “come-gesture” to stimulate the G-spot. If your partner is locating it for you, the best thing is to be opposite your partner with your legs wide and up. This way he can use his fingers the same way, and do the same gesture to stimulate the spot. Sex positions that stimulate the spot are: cowgirl position, missionary position and doggy style. 

Use a toy

Some women like it more if a toy is used. You might not like using your fingers, or a partner. There are several criteria to take into account when choosing the right toy. It should be ribbed, it should be able to vibrate and it has to be curved. Look out for vibrators using G-spot in their name. 

And remember: practice makes perfect! 

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