How to clean your sextoys!
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How to clean your sextoys!

By Eva, 08.11.2021

We agree that it’s not a very sexy topic, but it is very important to clean your toys on a regular basis. Every day to be precise, if you don’t clean them after each use it is easy to catch a nasty infection. 

Different kinds

The best way to clean your toy depends on the material. The toys can be divided into two groups: porous and non- porous. 

Porous toys are the rubber kind. It has tiny holes where bacteria can accumulate. If you discover your rubber dildo still ‘uncleaned’ from the last use: throw it away! We’re sorry but there’s no way you are getting your rubber friend clean again and it can even contain STD’s! 

Non-porous toys are made of silicone, glass or wood. Before you clean them it’s good to find out if it is motorised. If that’s the case it is best to leave it in hot water for 10 minutes. There are toys you can just put in the dishwasher ( check the user manual!) you might check this with your roommates first. 


Of course, the vibrator! These are often waterproof or water resistant. It’s not always easy to clean one ( check the user manual!) play it safe and use a hot cloth to rub it clean. Don’t put it in the dishwasher, because they are electrical! 


To really clean your favorite toy it is best to use special cleaners. First clean it with a wet cloth, or with water, to get ‘the mess’ off. Then you can use a sextoy cleaner, just spray it on the toy. Some sprays have to be wiped off, some are there to stay, we cannot tell you enough to read the manual, and then read the manual again. Depending on what it says, use a cloth to wipe it off, or run it under the tab ( if the toy is waterproof). Be sure that the toy is body safe and ready to be used for a next play session. Also check if the cleaner you are using is body safe! Be safe and have fun! 

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