How Everyday Tech Can Upgrade Your Love Life

How Everyday Tech Can Upgrade Your Love Life

By Emmeline Peaches, 26.04.2021

If you’re living in a First World country then, chances are, you have access to a slew of different technologies to help you improve your life in various different ways. But what if we were to tell you that those improvements extend to your love life?

While vibrators and love bots are an obvious form of sex tech, the truth is that you can utilize the tech you have in your house (and even pocket) right this moment to improve your love life and play some tantalizing tech-inspired games with your partner/s. 

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the few ways that you can use your everyday tech to upgrade your love life. 

Make Use of that Webcam

It’s the most obvious of all, but your computer/laptop is a powerful tool for connecting with people and having some seriously steamy encounters. 

Video chat can be used for sex just as readily as it can for Zoom team meetings and streaming the latest hit on Netflix. 

Make sure that you have a secure connection using a trusted provider and that you have good internet security in place. Once you’ve got the safety element down, there’s nothing to stop you from having some distance lovin’ from the comfort of your own home. 

A classic strip tease is just as effective online and you can even use the parameters of the webcam to your benefit. Being online to play means much more time and space to prep for a play session in advance of going online – allowing you to have everything to hand for whatever fun you’re curating during your own personal show. 

You can also really play with what’s ‘on screen’ and ‘off screen’ by obscuring parts of your body, dipping in and out of the camera’s line of sight, or using a piece of card or paper to show cheeky messages while also temporarily teasing your body away from sight.

Even more exciting is the world of teledildonics – sex toys that will link up to your laptop and allow you to have a sexual encounter in real time. All you need is two compatible devices, a laptop/computer, and a webcam. From there it’s simply a case of linking devices and suddenly you’ll be able to feel whatever sensations your partner/s apply to their device and vice versa. 

What a wonderful time to be alive (and have a stable internet connection).

Not Just Smart, But Sexy

Your smart phone is just as capable of allowing face time sex sessions over distance, but it can also be used in a number of creative ways. 

Using a tracking app, you can easily engage in a playful game of hide and seek – setting your location and beckoning your partner/s to find you in the ultimate digital come hither. Certain apps will even allow markers along the way, meaning logistical-nerds can set presents or clues at each marked location. 

Not a fan of tracking apps? The same can be done by taking photos of the local area and sending them to your partner/s as clues. Just make sure they know the area reeeeally well before trying this one.

Phones have an amazing plethora of apps now that can help improve your love life. From apps that track menstruation (allowing you to pinpoint times of the month where you know your desires peak), to apps that allow you to connect with like-minded sex enthusiasts (for those quick hook-ups or pre-planned sex parties) there’s an app for almost everything online. 

Excitingly, there are also now apps that will link up to sex toys and allow you (or your partner/s) to control them remotely. The most common toys of this kind are love eggs, but you can also get butt plugs and cock rings that utilize your phone in a far from everyday manner. All you need to do is link your phone/s with the toys, insert them, go out in public and have some fun. Remember: It’s your little secret. Just make sure that the area you activate the toys in have some ambient noise in them, so that you can enjoy the rumble as opposed to getting rumbled. 

Final Thoughts

To date 15% of Americans and 12% of Brits are using sex toy apps to boost their love life, but experts believe that this number will drastically increase in the coming years. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get ahead of the curve by utilizing your everyday sex in a way that is truly sextrodinary. 

Just remember to make sure that you have all appropriate internet security and safety measures in place and you’ll be primed to play and presented with a world wide web of opportunity.

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