Erotic Story: His lust and my desire
Erotic story

Erotic Story: His lust and my desire

By Sabine, 07.09.2023

It’s a warm day back home, with the sun high up in the sky and the air filled with the promise of adventure. I feel more vibrant than ever today. My skin is glowing with a sun-kissed glow of the Spanish sun that’s still fresh in my mind. In a playful, feminine summer dress, I confidently walk from my car to the front door of my house. I know I look good, with my well-rested face and sun-kissed legs.

As I walk, I feel eyes on me, like subtle jolts in my back. A feeling that’s not unfamiliar – the glances of others seemingly caressing my skin as I walk by. On days like this, when I’m feeling good and am confidently strutting down the street, I secretly enjoy the attention. In fact, being watched turns me on. As if I’m playing a seductive game with those who can’t keep their eyes off me.

Once inside, it’s time to cool off. I open the door of the fridge and poor myself a large glass of iced tea. Like a small finishing touch to hold onto the holiday feeling, I add ice cubes, a slice of lemon and a colorful straw. I’m ready to make the most of my free afternoon.

The appealing garden beckons me. I place my towel on the grass, put my sunglasses on, lie down and close my eyes. The warm sun rays seem to caress my skin. I feel relaxed, but somewhere deep inside I also sense a little tension. But I must say it’s a pleasant tension, like butterflies fluttering around in my stomach. The kind of good tension you feel when you know you’re going to do something you’re not really supposed to do.

Besides the soft rustling of leaves and the whisper of the wind, I suddenly hear something else. When I open my eyes and look through my sunglasses, I catch a glimpse of movement. I take off my sunglasses and take a good look around. Behind half-closed curtains, my neighbor stands with his eyes fixed on me. He doesn’t seem to feel caught, but looks at me challengingly.

His challenging look ignites a naughty spark inside of me. It’s as if I can smell his desire. I immediately feel a little aroused. I want to feel his gaze on me and let him long for me when I’m never actually going to give it to him. This is my way of teasing, my way of being in control. With a playful grin, I pull the cap off my bottle of suntan oil and slowly let the oil drip on my skin. My fingers slowly follow the contours of my body, sensually and seductively. I feel his eyes following my movements and his desire becomes tangible. I feel a shiver run through my body as I distribute the oil on my skin. This scenario turns me on even more than I expected. And it’s not enough. I want more.

I untie the straps of my top and slowly let it slide down my shoulders. My breasts catch the sun rays and I see his gaze getting more intense.

I can’t contain myself anymore, the thrill is just too tempting. My hand slides gently over my breasts, my breathing quickens. I feel his eyes burning as I surrender to my own desire.

I throw my head back and feel a gentle breeze going through my hair. With a soft sigh, I bring my hands to my vulva. I close my eyes and let myself get swept away by the pleasure rippling through my body. It’s a tantalizing game of seduction, a dance of my desire and his lust.

As I enjoy my moment of pleasure and arousal, I realize this is a day I won’t soon forget. I work on myself with my fingers and every now and then I take a peek at my neighbor to find he’s still watching me. My back arches with pleasure which makes my hard nipples protrude proudly. I don’t know if he is indulging himself too right now, but I am already so far ahead that I don’t really care anymore. My peak is getting close. 

When I feel the muscles in my lower abdomen tighten, I shortly pick up the pace of my moving fingers. Within a few seconds, an overwhelming orgasm takes over my naked body. I moan softly as the heat rushes through my entire body. It feels like I’m being lifted off my towel for a moment, it’s that intense. Once the convulsions in my body have died down, I sigh in satisfaction. I look up at my neighbor’s window, but all I see now is the curtain dancing in the wind.

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