Erotic Story: A long day
Erotic story

Erotic Story: A long day

By Yentl, 16.05.2024

Yes, I’ve been waiting for this all day. As soon as I hear the front door open, I sprint down the stairs from the attic. He’s home early today.

I don’t know why exactly, maybe it’s the sun finally showing itself again, but I’ve been in the mood all day.

I couldn’t really concentrate while working today, and I had trouble getting through an online meeting. My head was filled with him all day. His touch, his sex. 

‘Hey, I’m home!’

I sprint down excitedly to go work my charms on him and get him at my level as quickly as possible. 


Out of breath, I jump off the last step. He looks at me with a smile. 

He’s holding his bag in his hands, with his coat still on and he hasn’t even taken his shoes off yet. I’m obviously over-excited. 

He looks at me smiling, with dimples in his cheeks and his hair hanging messily around his head. 

‘Did you miss me?’

I nod, take a good look at him and throw my arms around his neck. 

‘Did you have a good day at work?’ I automatically press my lower body firmly against his. 

‘Definitely! Did you?’ He presses a kiss on my lips and I feel his hands wander down my back to my buttocks. Once there, he squeezes them playfully. 

I chuckle against his lips and softly mumble how good that feels. 

As soon as he pulls away from our kiss, he hangs up his coat and kicks off his shoes. No need to say anything else. I’m even a little surprised by how easy this goes.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one with their head filled with sex. 

I laugh and lead the way up the stairs. He follows effortlessly.

Once upstairs, he pulls his sweater over his head and my gaze falls on the small strip of bare stomach showing with his innocent move. Tingling sensations shoot through my body and my head instantly fills with the same images of this afternoon again. 

Him, naked, against me. His hands roaming over my body, his fingertips buried deep into my skin. 

I’m aching for him inside, as if I’ve been missing his touch for years. Which is complete rubbish, as we’ve had our fair share of fun only yesterday. 

He throws his sweater in the hamper and looks at me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have a totally wild look in my eyes. I’m not even trying to hide it. 

‘Looks like you’ve been thinking about me today?!’

I give him a mischievous grin and then suck in my bottom lip. 

‘Hmm, you always drive me wild doing that, you know?’

‘I know,’ I reply teasingly. 

He laughs and slowly walks over to me. 

With every approaching step, I feel my body heating up more. Even my breathing seems to be totally off. 

I carefully take a few steps back, until my back presses against the wall. He smiles again, shit, he has such an irresistible smile. 

The moment of attack is close at hand, I can sense it. The tension is palpable. 

He stands still right in front of me. He is so close, I can even feel his breath caressing my skin. 

‘What were you thinking about then?’

I inhale deeply before opening my mouth to answer. Even the intake of air doesn’t seem to have an effect on my body, it’s just impossible to relax. 

‘About you, naked, against me.’

His gaze changes from playful to hungry. ‘So, what was I doing?’

Again, I inhale deeply. 

‘You were fucking me.’

He lowers his head slightly and looks at me from under his eye lashes. The look in his eyes is even hungrier now. 

He places his thumb on my bottom lip. 

‘Suck it in again, if you dare.’

His gaze is intense. Like he has no intention of ever looking away again. 

Without thinking, I suck in my lip again. 

His hand smoothly slides towards my neck, I hold my breath in anticipation. 

Like an animal attacking its pray, he kisses me and presses my body firmly against the wall. I’ve nowhere to go, and I don’t mind at all because I don’t want to go anywhere. 

A moan of pure excitement escapes from my mouth. I throw my arms around his neck again and move my pelvis in his direction.

While kissing, we manage to take each other’s clothes off. And in no time he’s standing naked in front of me. His dickhead glistens with arousal and I feel how wet I’m getting between my legs. My bra is the last piece of clothing falling to the floor. My nipples protrude like two hard willing buds and I nearly succumb when he runs his thumb firmly over my right nipple. 

Another attack. 

I throw my leg around his waist and let my hips hang forward to create some space between us. As I look him straight in the eye, I start to play with myself. My fingers firmly circle my clit and I can’t wait for him to enter me. He watches me for a moment, with a proud look on his face. Then he positions himself and thrusts into me. 

Shit, this is always such an intense combination. With my free hand, I grab his butt and squeeze it firmly to the rhythm of his thrusts. His fingertips burn into my thigh, keeping it upright. Over his shoulder, I look out of the bedroom window and wonder which of the neighbors is watching our fiery play. The thought alone makes me want to go even wilder. 

The sound of my wetness echoes through the bedroom. Shit, I’m so horny. 

‘Jesus, you’re so wet!’ 

His moaning is music to my ears. His breathing accelerates, I’m starting to moan uncontrollably and can barely keep standing. 

‘I’m getting close! Don’t stop. Don’t stop,’ I yell through the room. 

Just as I hoped, he speeds up his rhythm. 

The drops of my fluid tickle my thigh. 

‘You’re leaking, fuck, you’re leaking!’

‘Ah, yes! I’m coming!’

My fingers are moving so violently that I almost feel them cramping. My knee starts to shake and my orgasm explodes through my body in waves. Fuck, such pent-up tension.

I cling my arms around his neck and when I can barely keep standing, he spins me around and throws me onto the edge of the bed. 

He wildly grips my ankles and places them next to my ears. His thighs glisten with my cum. Shit, I can’t remember ever getting this wet before.

He pulls my ass up towards him and then slides in again. I moan loudly from the sensitiveness he’s just left behind. 

With my hands firmly gripping the sheets, I let him have his way until he comes, grunting loudly. 

My god, I’ve been looking forward to this all day long.

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