4 directions to mind-blowing oral sex
Oral Sex

4 directions to mind-blowing oral sex

By Rebecca, 11.01.2020

It doesn’t matter your gender or sexuality or who your partner is – there are certain tips for oral sex that are just damn good.

We could talk about specific tips for fellatio or cunnilingus, but we’d rather just agree that everyone likes something different. These are tips that are pretty applicable to any oral sex situation. Of course, always get the enthusiastic consent of your partner before trying anything.

1. Communication!

Of course this has to be our number one tip, because it is just so important. Like we said, every person enjoys something different and there is only one way to find out what that might be. Communication can happen literally at any point of oral sex – before, during or after. Before and after are more verbal: what specifically do you/did you like. During oral sex can be in the form of words or moans or squirms of the body.

Words are the most direct: “Yes I like that”. Your partner needs feedback about what they are doing just like you would probably appreciate feedback about what you are doing. There are kind ways to go about it if something is not enjoyable. Instead of saying “this is awful”, why not try “I really preferred what you were doing before”. Making it a positive thing makes it way less likely to ruin the flow of events.

If you’re worried about being vocal, then make sure to indicate with your body or sighs that something is pleasurable or not – they’re likely to eventually get the hint.

2. Enthusiasm!

We could have easily put this tip first, because this is the ‘make it or break it’ tip. First, you should never be persuaded into giving oral sex. BUT if you, by your own volition, are giving oral sex, then you should be enthusiastic about it. Imagine the reverse scenario… your partner is going down on you and just like… not really into it. They’re just kind of licking around and not really moving much.

It might work for you – maybe. But now imagine your partner is enthusiastically going down on you and seems like they are loving every single moment of it – your taste, your body, your sensitive spots, your moans. It is going to be a much better experience. Keep this in mind when giving oral sex to a partner. Enthusiasm will intensify the whole session.

There is nothing greater than feeling like your partner really, really wants to pleasure you (except maybe when you really, really want to pleasure them). Grab their body like you can’t let go and it’s a whole new level.

3. Use Your Hands

Speaking of grabbing their body… use your hands! If you are going down on someone with a vagina, you need to make sure that they are okay with penetration. Regardless of penetration or not, your hands can add another dimension to oral sex. Instead of one pleasure point, you can focus on two or three different ones!

If you like internal and clitoral stimulation, then hands are needed. If you like perineum and frenulum stimulation, then hands are needed. If you like anal stimulation during oral sex, then hands are needed.

As a bonus, hands can go where tongues can’t reach. They can also provide a break for your tongue and jaw if needed. If you want to add in some different sensations, then use your hands to work with sex toys – either vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, etc. There is a lot of fun that can be had when your hands get to work.

4. Mix and Match

It doesn’t have to be designated oral sex time for you to enjoy oral pleasure. Although it can be great to have some sexy sessions that just involve your mouth and genitals, you can also switch it up during your session to do other things too. You can alternate between all of the bases!

Go from oral sex to hand sex to penetrative sex to oral sex for your partner back to oral sex for you back to hand sex, etc. There are no rules when it comes to playing around if you’re both on board with all the sex acts. Of course, make sure to keep safe during the transitions and bring extra protective supplies with you if you aren’t fluid bonded. If your partner is about to orgasm… switch things up! It will prolong your session and let you explore each other’s bodies even more.

The moral of the story is to have as much fun as possible. Tell people what you like, be receptive to what your partners like. Use other body parts or sex toys. Change up positions and sexual acts if you want! And most importantly, enjoy it!

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