Erotic Story: Favorite quickie
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Favorite quickie

By Yentl, 10.08.2023

I come home to a silent house. All lights are out, the TV is turned off and the back door is locked. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think nobody’s home. Somewhere in the distance, I hear the sound of the shower. I toss my bag in the chair and poor myself a glass of water. Phew… this was a long workday. My thoughts wander to the spicy apps Damian sent me this morning. His day was anything but busy, he had the day off and enjoyed the wonderful weather. And himself, judging by the pictures. 

I take another large sip and then carefully go up the stairs, towards the bathroom. The door is ajar and the landing is filled with the fragrance of his shampoo and steam of the hot water. As soon as I open the door, the fog hits me. Damian is washing himself and singing along to some irritating tune coming from his phone. He still has no idea that I’m here, let alone that I’m taking my time checking him out. 

The way the water slides down his firm butt, it just hits me every time. Damn, how can a person be so sexy. My legs go weak as I watch the muscles in his back tighten every time he runs his hands through his wet hair to rinse out the shampoo. 

“Hi!,” I call out through the bathroom way too loudly. 

Damian startles, I can tell from his body. He quickly wipes his face clean and opens his eyes. 

“Hey sweetheart! You startled me. Have you been standing there long?”

“Long enough to take a good look at you,” I reply with a smile. 

“Pervert,” he says with a grin.

He turns his back towards me laughing, and playfully looks over his shoulder to check whether he still has my attention. In a sultry voice I let him know that I’m still watching him. With a mischievous look, I leave the bathroom to go change in the bedroom.

I pause in front of the mirror. My hair is a bit wild, my make-up has run a little and I’m fed up with my clothes. Still, I look pretty sexy somehow. Or maybe it has to do with the mood I’ve been in since I found Damian in the shower. Astonishing how little this man needs to do to make my mind run wild. 

Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I start to undress. My fingertips slowly run along the lace of my bra, circle around my navel and then move further down towards my panties. Somewhere in the background, I hear the tap of the shower being turned off and I silently regret that I didn’t join him immediately, thinking about all the things we could have been doing in the shower together. 

For a moment I stand there in my lingerie and turn a little so I can take a good look at my butt. Looking closely, I can still find the bruises of our last heavy sex party. Exactly four fingers and a thumb, a print of the way he squeezes my butt when we do doggy. Our second-favorite position. 

“Well, well, I like what I see,” Damian smiles when he enters the bedroom and slaps my ass hard. 

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

Teasingly, I stick out my tongue and look at his naked body through the mirror. He is flaccid, but even in this condition I still think it’s a beautiful specimen. Sizable and just delicious. Damian wraps his arms around my waist and presses his body against mine. I playfully push my ass closer to him and give him a provocative smile.

“Turn around,” he whispers sultrily in my right ear. 

I turn without hesitation and before I know it, I feel his lips tight on mine as our tongues do a little dance. His hands slide effortlessly over my bra and gently knead my breasts. He was dangling just a moment ago, but now I feel him pressing against my abdomen. And it affects me. A tingling starts somewhere deep inside of me.

“I’ll take a quick shower first,” I say hastily when he undoes the back of my bra. 

“Why?,” he sighs excitedly into my ear. 

“Because I’ve had a very busy day,” I reply. “I feel dirty.”

Damian grins and looks me up and down again. “Baby, I promise you that you will feel really dirty once I’m done with you.”

His gaze is intense, almost hungry. He kisses me again and I feel my bra sliding off my skin. 

I wrap my arms around his neck and let him lift me up. With my legs firmly around his waist, he takes me over to the bed, where he puts me on my back and in one fluid movement takes off my panties. 

“Hmm… There’s really nothing dirty about you.”

With a horny smile on his face, he looks at me and then drops his face between my legs. Warm and wet, I feel his tongue slide firmly between my vulva lips and I start moaning loudly. Automatically, I’ve taken hold of one of my breasts and softly massage my nipple.

I’m hot, bloody hot, and my gaze wanders down continuously where he licks every piece of skin with dedication. When he gets to my butt, I am almost out of breath with tension. 

“What?,” he sighs excitedly. “Do you want to?”

In no time, my thoughts are filled with the most delicious images and I give a gentle nod. 

Damian gets up, grabs my thighs and pulls my butt to the edge of the bed. He gestures for me to throw a pillow his way, and then carefully shoves it under my butt. This is it, our favorite position. He is in complete control now, my ankles against his shoulders. In this way, he touches all the good spots, not to mention the exchanging horny looks. 

“What do you say?,” he says sultrily. “Shall we add a little spice to it?”

I look at him confused and then I feel how he pulls up my butt a little further. He takes hold of my hand and guides my fingers towards my clit. 

“Play with yourself. We’ll do a quickie … in your ass.”

As I look at him, I moisten my finger with my mouth and start to circle my clit. His eyes glisten. He clearly enjoys what he sees. 

He gets some lube from the night stand and generously lubricates his boner. Once the lube’s divided, he rubs his fingers along my back hole. He carefully presses his head against the opening, then takes a firm hold of my thigh and guides himself inside. 

I moan loudly when he slides in for the first time. Fuck, I’d forgotten how intense this can feel. He looks at me cautiously. 

“Go ahead, baby,” I say softly.

He starts to thrust carefully, as my circles go faster and faster. Swearing he encourages me. This quickie will live up to its name, I can already tell. For just a moment, I feel with my fingers how he keeps darting in and out of me, before quickly moving my fingers back to my sensitive spot. Damian’s fingertips press ever harder into my thighs. 

“Fuck, this is so good,” he swears through the bedroom. “I can’t keep this up this up for long.”

I feel my legs tighten, my body getting warmer and how my legs are starting to shake. 

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” I moan loudly.

”Yes, come! Fuck, I can feel it,” Damian gasps through the bedroom. 

It gets wetter between my legs. Damian doesn’t say anything but I can feel my juice running in all directions as I pulsate heavily. Shit, that was fast. It feels like my orgasm lasts longer than it usually does. My body has barely recovered when Damian starts thrusting harder. His wet hair dances in all directions, he looks down and his growling is getting louder.

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuucccck!,”  he yells. 

My body shivers as he pulls back. He shortly lets his head slide through my labia and when he presses against my clit, I feel how he empties himself against my skin in wavy movements. Gasping, Damian looks at the scene, and then he starts to laugh. 

“Sorry, I told you you’d be extra dirty after I was done with you.”

He looks at me proudly. I look down shortly and see his semen dripping down my labia and butt. He laughs and gives my thigh a hard slap.

“That was good, honey,” he says. “Will you go take that shower now? Then I’ll start dinner.”

Completely out of breath, I fall back on the bed and watch him wipe himself clean and dress before disappearing from the bedroom. In silence I’m glad that I didn’t join him in the shower after all.

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