Erotic Story: The man of the evening
Erotic story

Erotic Story: The man of the evening

By Yentl, 18.05.2023

The umpteenth dance track starts playing and, a little bored, I lean against the counter in the kitchen. I’m holding onto my third glass of wine. The house is filled with people, who are all here for him. He’s made his umpteenth promotion and, within seconds, the room will be filled with the sound of his voice as he addresses his colleagues.

I’m proud of him, but events like these are not my favorite. I find them very boring actually. With a proud smile on his face he enters the kitchen, a drink in one hand and a mic in the other hand. My rather bored look does not go unnoticed.

‘You sure look good this evening.’ His smile is mischievous and I see his eyes twinkling.

I smile and bite my bottom lip. Finally some tension.

‘Shall we steal away together for a moment before I have my say?’, he suggests.

He puts down his wineglass and holds out his hand to me. The way he looks at me from under his eyelashes instantly makes me go soft. Without hesitation, I put my hand in his. I set my glass of wine on the counter and let him take me. Up the stairs, to our bedroom, where I fall back on the bed. A small excited grunt rolls over his lips and he tosses the mic on the bed somewhere next to me.

‘Spread your legs a little wider,’ he says.

His tone of his voice makes desire race through my body and I instantly do what he asks. He grabs my right ankle and starts kissing it softly. He very slowly works his way towards my knee as he crawls across the bed. When he reaches my knee, he throws my leg over his shoulder and looks at me hungrily.

‘Fuck…,’ I sigh and watch how his fingers disappear under my skirt. They press against the fabric of my underwear and pull it to the side in no time.

‘I’ve been looking forward to licking you hard all night.’

His eyes look at me intently. I sigh excitedly and let my head fall back. His fingertips dig into my upper legs and I feel his warm breath against my clit. My breathing accelerates and all at once my mouth goes dry. Then I feel it. That delicious feeling of the first touch. His tongue sliding warmly and firmly through my wetness. With my hand I grab his hair and press him closer to my body as soft moans roll from my throat.

‘Hmm, you’re so delicious,’ he mumbles, sucking on one of my labia. 

Such divineness, I’m losing it. Then he goes for it. He makes his tongue firm and flat, so he can find every spot, and licks with full commitment. My breathing shoots in all directions and only every once in a while his tongue slides in, driving me crazy. I feel drops of moisture fall between my buttocks. He smacks and swears some growling words as his nose tickles my clit.

‘Jesus, that’s good,’ I moan somewhere between going crazy.

Without hesitation, he moves his tongue back and with the tip draws small circles around my back hole. He kisses my butt cheeks, bites softly and then dives between my labia again.

‘Your licking is so good!’ I growl while my fingers twist more firmly in his hair.

Sooner than expected, it happens. He finds my clit and does not let go of the sensitive spot. He’s shaped his whole mouth around it and kisses it as if it’s the love of his life.

‘Shit, Dex, I can’t hold it anymore!’, I moan.

My legs start to shake, my body is surged by heat and I feel almost paralyzed. It’s as if all control has left my body. I breathe rapidly and moan ever louder without effort. It’s taking me over.

Only when my body starts to convulse violently, he stops. With a proud look, his eyes meet mine. He slides my lingerie back into place and drops my leg from his shoulder. Before he gets off the bed, he bends a little closer to me and plants a kiss on my forehead.

‘I’m already looking forward to being inside you tonight,’ he whispers.

His words bring on an intense aftershock and I look at him naughtily.

‘But first I have to do something else,’ he says as he picks up the mic from the bed and wipes his face clean. 

For a while, I just keep breathing calmly, as he disappears downstairs. As soon as he comes through the door, I hear his colleagues clapping. I really shouldn’t miss his moment. Unsteadily I raise myself from the bed and once I find my balance, I go downstairs.

He’s standing there, the love of my life, with all eyes on him. He taps the mic a few times to test if it’s on. A few colleagues start laughing.

‘It’s on Dex! It was never off.’

Dex smiles and winks at me, and then the realization hits me. It was never off. I feel my face turn red under the beaming glances of his colleagues. ‘Fuck it,’ my most naughty side thinks. I take a glass of wine from one of the men, raise it and call out to Dex: ‘That was good, baby!’

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