Erotic Story: Unexpected sixty-nine
Erotic story

Erotic Story: Unexpected sixty-nine

By Yentl, 29.12.2022

“Delicious.” he whispers softly as soon as I get into bed with him. I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day. More than once my mind has wandered to him, conjuring up the most sexy settings. I’ve secretly fantasized about hot shower sessions, steamy romps and his body of course. Now finally it’s time to crawl into bed next to him. Carefully, I run my fingertip playfully over his chest and press my body warmly against his. 

“You are delicious.” I whisper back cheekily. 

Instantly he looks at me and I feel how his hand closes around my butt. I’ve got his attention. A soft sigh escapes my lips. The air feels charged. With his free hand he brushes a few strands of hair from my face and his eyes look at me intently. It’s almost as if he is looking for something. For an invitation, a confirmation that I am in the right mood. I definitely am. 

An animal-like force seems to take over and thrilled I press my lips on his mouth. We start kissing heavily. We moan, lick and pant. Our hands shoot into all directions and feverishly explore each other’s bodies, almost as if it’s the first time. 

I don’t need to think about it for long and in a single movement I lie on top of him to rhythmically rub my lower body against his. Between my legs, I feel his manhood growing harder. Horny is an understatement for the vibe that’s in the air. 

Grinning, I disappear under the sheets and let my tongue lead a trail from his neck to his balls, which I take in my mouth to suck them gently. 

Grinning, he starts to moan. “It’s so good when you touch me.”

His encouragements have always had a clear effect on me and I take a firm hold of his hard-on. Slowly, I start to jerk him off while his fingertips softly caress my forearms. It feels tender, soothing in our whirlwind of horniness. For a moment, our eyes find each other. Then I take him in my mouth. I slide his cock between my wet lips and into my mouth as far as possible and notice the taste of his precum that’s spreading through my mouth. 

“Oh, yeah.” he groans while his hands reach for my hair. 

His firm grip forces me to stay put. He presses me deeper against his body and fills my mouth more and more. He’s got a hold on me and I love it. With my mouth full and gobbling sounds I do my best to suck him as excited as possible. His breath quickens and he clearly likes what I’m doing. Playfully he gives me a few taps on the head and then he looks at me. 

“Come here with that delicious cunt of yours.”

His direct words set me on fire. In one movement, I turn around and bring my most sensitive spot closer to his face. For a moment I feel my clit rub against his bare chest as he pulls my lower body closer to him. He places his hands around my buttocks, gently pulls them apart and buries his tongue between them. It’s wet, everything is wet. There isn’t an inch that he misses. He licks everything and does it with abandon. 

Moaning, I start sucking him again. His panting breath feels warm against my labia. I take a firm grip on his balls and massage them gently. I feel drops of saliva running down between my legs. Some drops must stay stuck in his stubbly beard. Fuck, I’m excited. Confidently, I lick, suck and tease him. Little by little, I take it further into my mouth, occasionally letting a generous blob of saliva run over it and then going back to softly sucking his dick. 

“You’re driving me crazy,” he gasps between licks.

He probably only has half a notion of how wild he’s made me already. I dig the nails of my right hand into his thigh and start a trail moving in the direction of his balls. 

“Yeah! Oh yeah. Fuck, that’s good,” I hear him say in a hoarse voice.

Exactly what I wanted to hear. Then it happens, one of his hands lets go of my ass and he moves his fingers in the direction of my clit. Once there, he starts to apply pressure. He makes circles and is clearly waiting to see my reaction. I moan briefly, and in a whisper urge him to continue. With a laugh, he slides his fingers through my soaking labia, then they find my opening and almost get sucked in with desire. Again I moan, a bit louder this time. 

I grab his hard cock with my hand, placing my fingers around his shaft. I can do what he can. Let the games begin. As soon as I start jerking him off, I feel him start to finger me. As soon as I lick his head with my tongue, I feel him do the same to my clit. This really is give and take. 

I start jerking him off, moving wilder by the minute, my mouth still making the sucking movements that he likes so much. His fingers slide more wildly inside me, against each other and past my most sensitive inner spot over and over again. Effortlessly. As his fingers go wild, his tongue tries to reach my ass. 

Fuck it, I can barely hold it. I let go of his hard-on and pull myself up with one last firm sucking movement. I sit up straight, leaning on my legs. I position myself above his face, so he can easily slide his fingers into me while his tongue slides through my buttocks. I press the middle finger of my free hand against my clit and start circling wildly. 

My pelvis automatically moves back and forth. Again and again I slide across his face. It feels wet, moist, warm and horny all at once. The sound of his moaning is blocked by my skin and I feel the heat coming on. The combination of everything at the same time makes my orgasm blast through me in no time. My legs start to tingle. My muscles tighten, my body jerks and as soon as the most intense wave is dying down, it feels like I have to pee. 

“Keep going!” I pant, completely out of breath. 

He moves his fingers fiercely and I try to give my clit a few last strokes with my trembling hand. I press my pelvis forward and then I squirt. Down his chin, across his chest and toward his abdomen. With trembling hands I let myself fall forward. 

“Jesus, that’s hot,” he moans loudly through the bedroom.

Excited and rather high from what just happened, I take hold of his hard-on again and guide it back into my mouth. His hands grab my back and hold me in place. Then he starts thrusting hard into my mouth. I moan, I pant and cry. I let him fuck my mouth until he can’t take it anymore and comes in waves. 

When I crawled into bed with him, sixty-nine might have been the last thing on my mind, but fuck, that does feel good.

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