About Max
Erotic story

About Max

By Sabine, 20.12.2021

It’s Friday night just after twelve when Willow rings the doorbell at her hook-ups house. She had just gone for drinks with her friends and on her way home Max sent her a text inviting her to his house. She was a bit tired, but his house was a lot closer than hers so she ended up on his doorstep. 

“Hi”, she nods when he opens the door wearing only his boxers. She’s still catching her breath when she leans over to kiss him. “Hi”, he mumbles between kisses while he takes her bag and puts it on the side table. He grabs her shirt and pulls her inside the house. No words are needed, they both know why she’s here. They rip each other’s clothes off while frenching passionately. When they reach the bed they are already naked, wet and hard. Willow let’s Max push her onto the bed and crawls on top of her. He slides his fingers deep in her mouth, almost touching her throat. He slides them out again wetting her lips and then moving his hand between her legs. The touch of his wet fingers on her clit makes her moan loudly. He slides one of his fingers inside of her until she squirms of pleasure. He then pushes himself inside her.  While he’s thrusting rhythmically inside her she moves her hand between her legs for extra stimulation. Her other hand is grabbing the side of the bed for grip.

“Fuck me. Make me come!”, she encourages him. Her hand is massaging her clit in small circles. He thrusts deeper and deeper. It doesn’t take long before she feels her body climax and the contractions of her cunt help push him over the edge. This is why she always comes back to Max. Nobody makes her come this fast, and simultaneously too, so hard, only Max. Her whole body is trembling and it takes a while to completely relax.

They are side by side catching their breaths when he asks her “Will you sleep over?”

She looks at him and asks “Would you mind?”

“Sure, stay”, he answers. Hesitantly he continues “Can I fuck you when you are asleep? If I feel like it?” She didn’t expect that question. It surprises her, but she can feel her pussy tingle when thinking of the idea. “Okay”, she answers him softly, “Have your way with me, I trust you.”

While he dozes off quickly Willow stays awake for a long time. She’s curious and excited for what may come. But eventually she gets so tired and is not able to keep her eyes open, she falls asleep.  

Some time later, who knows how long it’s been, she wakes up startled, Max has gotten on top of her and is pushing his dick inside her. She tries to get up but he pushed her down immediately. “Don’t move”, he commands her in a low voice. He grabs her wrists and holds them tight behind her back with one hand, the other pushes her head against the mattress. She can’t move, she can’t act, she just has to let him take her. 

“I will fuck you so hard”, he growls while he thrusts in her deeply, “Fuck your juicy tight pussy”. This turns her on so much she can’t help but moan. “You like this?”, he pants, “ I want to hear how much you like it”. She complies with his command by moaning louder and louder.

He’s thrusting harder and harder, and she can feel something brewing in her underbelly. She normally only climaxes by stimulation of the clit, but she feels that it’s going to be different this time. “Please, continue, please, please fuck me”, she begs him. Encouraged by her words he grabs her hair and makes her arch her body as far as she will bend, while thrusting inside her. The sheets scoure her nipples, but that turns her on even more. “I’m coming”, she moans softly. “I’m coming!”, she yells. Seconds later she feels something explode inside her body, spreading waves through her whole body. She surrenders to them and moaning loudly she climaxes hard. Still trembling of the impact she feels and hears Max climaxing too, ushered by a loud roar. He rolls off her and turns on his side only to fall into a deep sleep almost immediately. 

‘What the fuck just happened!” There’s not much time to ponder because after all the climaxing her body is tired and she falls asleep soon after.

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