Erotic story

The Marathon: part 1

By Victoria, 10.08.2019

By Victoria Hawk

Bella finally had the house to herself; her roommate had gone on a camping trip. She wanted to make the most of the empty house and spend it with her new flame — Mary-Payne. Until now, their sexual encounters had been in between great and mind-blowing, and especially for Bella, also revealing. Mary-Payne, or Mapa, was a rather experienced gold-star lesbian, having exclusively been with women throughout her lifetime. However, also Mapa’s sexuality obtained new dimensions due to Bella’s previous heterosexual experiences, in forms she could not have previously imagined or at least presumed to be pleasurable. 

The physical attraction between them was strong, so strong; they were literally unable to control their bodies when near each other. The force of the attraction always continued to pull them closer to one another — to the point their skin was touching, to the point the flesh of their muscles was pressed against each other. They had long surrendered to this process and let their bodies take them along for the ride when, and where ever, that inner desire submerged from the depths of their unconscious minds. They were at the mercy of their impulses, and they knew it. It was a regular and rather uneventful Sunday, and this time it seemed their bodies had no desire to stop and exhaustion was non-existent. 

     “What are you thinking?” Mapa asked, curious as always about what was going on in Bella’s mind. 

    “Why are you always asking what I am thinking?” Bella laughed. 

    “Because I want to know everything about you!”

     “Well, it is not something profound. I was thinking about kissing you again.”

     “Then I will kiss you profoundly.” 

     Mapa grabbed Bella’s neck and pulled her face towards her. She closed her eyes the moment she was sure she aimed accurately, and their lips would touch any moment forthcoming. Their inexhaustible desire for each other awakened immediately, their lips and tongue began to dance to the rhythm of their breathing. They were increasing the speed with the increase of their respiring, caused by the rapid inflation of their arousal. The control was lost once more, and they already knew they would not stop until at least one of them had orgasmed. 

     “Your kisses are amazing! I am already wet,” Mapa gasped.  

     With these words Bella realised she was also getting incredibly wet and started to feel her blood pulsing through the flesh of her vagina. The urge to touch and be touched got stronger with each second, but it was too soon, the heat needed to be build. Instead, the osculation rose in intensity. Their tongues gliding over and under each other, their hands holding on to their spinning heads. 

     It was midday, and there had been no conscious plans to glide into heated lovemaking. At least not so immediate. Their goal had been to sophisticatedly and calmly watch a film together. It had been their goal for a while now, but they never managed to realise it. Bella had never been this inclined to lose herself in luscious activities. Not like this. At moments, she felt not like herself, or at least not like she normally was. Mapa had brought out the sexual beast in her, and it was impossible to tame. 

     Mapa put Bella’s hand in between her legs, non-verbally announcing her pink underpants were now soaked. Bella did not retract her hand but started massaging the organ producing the fluids. She was yearning to touch the flesh beneath it as much as Mapa was yearning to be touched. At last, this frontier was conquered as well, and Bella’s hand slipped into Mapa’s underpants, immediately being soaked in the evidence of the horniness. Mapa shivered and moaned. Her hands wildly running over Bella’s body. Quickly, Bella located Mapa’s clit and started massaging it with the surrounding flesh as a protective cushion. Inevitably the juices started flowing even more persistent. 

     The urge to feel Bella’s skin on hers, caused Mapa to swiftly remove both their shirts and toss them mindlessly into a corner of the bedroom. After a short stare onto Bella’s naked chest, she pushed her’s onto it, closing her eyes to focus solely on the sensation of the skin on hers. Bella, hand still in between Mapa’s legs, pushed their bodies down onto the bed and moved on top. 

     “Your body is gorgeous,” Bella said and started kissing it earnestly to enforce the words only now proclaimed. 

     By now, the soaked underpants had become fallen to disuse and clearly needed to be removed. While being at it, Bella used the occasion to remove the remaining clothes covering her most delicate parts as well. Mapa’s eyes were in the same awe as the first time they had been laid onto Bella’s naked body. The sight filled her mind with all the possibilities of causing intense pleasure to the sensual woman hovering above of her. 

     “I want to taste you.” 

     She forced Bella onto her back and sensually licked her way downwards. Gentle kisses turned into gently licks, and gentle licks turned into brisk tongue rubbing. Bella exclaimed her pleasure in moans and movements, but Mapa knew she had not yet found the perfect spot and rhythm — the spot that would make Bella lose all control. Unconsciously, Bella’s hips moved upwards, and suddenly she screamed, “Oh yes, that’s it!”

     Mapa took hold of Bella’s hips, closed her eyes, and put all her focus on keeping the rhythm and pressure. She loved the taste in her mouth and the movements in between her hands — she loved the sensations of a woman in pleasure. 

     Loud groans were diffused, “Mapa! Mapa! You are incredible!” 

    The speed at which the tongue was moving in between Bella’s legs seemed nearly humanly impossible. It was Mapa’s superpower, and she knew it. 

     A whisper from above, “stop.”

     “Everything all right?”

     “Yes, I don’t want to come yet.” 

     Bella wanted to get the most out of her first orgasm, knowing it would increase the chances of having multiples after. Besides that, she felt it was time to return the favour. Until now, her tongue had not had the pleasure of experiencing the taste in between Mapa’s legs. She needed to be honest with herself; she was afraid or sure, she would not be able to replicate the movements she felt in between her own legs. She had done it before with other women but lacked the years of experience Mapa had accumulated. 

     “Now I want to taste you! You have to guide me, Mapa!”

     While they repositioned themselves, Bella could feel her heartbeat knocking inside of her clit, the suppressed orgasm lingering silently, waiting to be released. The arousal was mixed in with a slight feeling of nervousness when Bella moved more and more downwards. However, the moment the juices mixed with her saliva it vanished. She took great pleasure in the taste of Mapa. The magnifying property of her tongue allowed her to explore the form of Mapa vagina in great detail and she started to explore; in between the lips, around the clit, on the clit, around the entrance, beyond the entrance, and deeper. For a while, Bella fucked Mapa with her tongue, and by now, it was indistinguishable if the liquids originated from Bella’s mouth or Mapa’s soggy cave of pleasure. 

     Bella gazed up. Mapa’s eyes were closed and her face in a state of ecstasy. With one hand, she was holding on to the curtain hanging next to the bed, with the other she was massaging, or rather squeezing, one of her breasts. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked down, catching Bella’s gaze in between her legs. They didn’t avert their eyes and held the intense gaze for a couple of seconds. Then Bella hit the right spot, and Mapa was forced to close her eyes again. 

     “That’s it, continue there. Yes! A bit faster! Oh my god.” 

     Mapa’s body shivered, and her hips took a life of their own. Bella closed her eyes again, determined to make Mapa come in her mouth.  

     “I’m about to come!”

     Mapa body was jerking, her voice groaning loudly. Then she took Bella’s head, hoisted it from in between her legs, and  folded into herself, wrapping her trembling body around Bella’s. 

     Bella was filled with both pride and horniness. Her hands vanished in between her legs, where the energy of Mapa’s orgasm echoed. She started to pleasure herself, while Mapa rehydrated her body. 

     “Why is there no music?” Mapa suddenly asked, and looked around the room to find her phone. 

     After she’d put on her “sensual” playlist, and for a while, she observed how Bella was pleasing herself. It only took a couple of minutes and she felt she was ready to go — again. 

To be continued

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